Vaultek Safes Review – Why You Should Buy a Vaultek Safe

The cute look of some firearms will sometimes cause doubt about whether or not the device could cause harm.

Truth is, a firearm will always be a firearm no matter how cute it looks, and this kind of device is to be kept in a safe place at all times.

To keep your firearm safe, we highly recommend the Vaultek safe for your use, whether you’re a firearm owner or an intending one.

Designed for easy and quick access to your guns, the Vaultek rifle and handgun vaults are some of the best you’ll find around.

Vaultek Safe On the water

Whether in your car or at home, the Vaultek safe has been designed to meet your specific needs.

Vaultek safes have been designed with the best modern-day technologies. Similarly, these safes possess astonishing pre-packed features that will beat your imagination.

Opened Vaultek Safe with a gun

We understand the kind of market for firearm safes and we have put this in-depth review together to help guide you through your selection process as you go for the best Vaultek safe that is best for you. We also take a look at the capability and efficiency of each safe.

The Vaultek Safe Reviews also afford you the opportunity to critically assess the firearm safes market in general, opening your eyes to why the Vaultek safes are the best on offer.

Comparison Of Vaultek Safes Review

Image Product Name Features Price
VAULTEK VT20 Handgun Bluetooth VAULTEK VT20 Handgun Bluetooth
  • Weight: 3.2 Kilograms
  • Lock Type: Key
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Alarm: Tamper Alarm, Security Alarm
VAULTEK VT Full-Size Handgun VAULTEK VT Full-Size Handgun
  • Weight: 7.2 Kilograms
  • Lock Type: Key
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Alarm: Tamper Alarm, Security Alarm

1. VAULTEK VT20 Handgun Bluetooth

VAULTEK VT20 Handgun Bluetooth

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The VT20 is best for solidifying your nightstand and on-the-go security. Also, it has a small size that enables it to be easily put under the seat of your car or move past security checkpoints from place to place.

The Vaultek VT20 Handgun Bluetooth also has the TSA airline firearm regulations compliance.

This well-designed Vaultek safe is very perfect and durable for the safekeeping of pistols.

When it comes to the strength of the 16-gauge steel body, be rest assured it has been designed to defend you and, of course your valuables.

This Vaultek product consists of anti-pry bars which keep tools from opening the door in a prying manner. It is worthy to note that it is impossible to infringe on interior hinges when you get this product.

To enjoy your Vaultek warranty to the fullest, embedded in this device is the integrated smart technology which is responsible for raising personal security to a whole new clime.

It has a remote access launched from your smartphone to view safe history, access power levels, personalize your safe preferences and also detect tampering.

It has a built-in interior LED light which is interestingly adjustable. It supplies enough brightness to your belongings in the dark.

It features a backlit keypad that illuminates through its proximity sensor, thereby making it simple to maneuver in darkness

Highlights Features:

  • Back up keys- they come in handy if the rechargeable battery dies.
  • Hard cover grip
  • Dual sided key design
  • 2 keys included
  • Hidden key slot
  • Illuminated keypad with in-built proximity sensor
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Good Sides:

  • Anti-theft protection
  • Durable
  • Smart safe technology
  • Responsive LED Lighting

Bad Sides:

  • Very heavy for size

2. VAULTEK VT Full-Size Handgun

VAULTEK VT Full-Size Handgun - Full-Size Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe

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The Vaultek VT Full-Size Handgun has been manufactured just for the delight of weapons enthusiasts. Beautiful isn’t it?

It carries extra magazines and conveys two handguns conveniently. It can be attached to nightstands or within your car applying the available security cable or hardware.

Just like the Vaultek VT20 Handgun Bluetooth, it is precision engineered while its steel body gauged at level 14 will help you in carrying several handguns.

With interior dimensions of 13.7” x 6.5” x 2.75” and exterior dimensions of 14.5” x 10.6” x 3.3”, it’s so handy you don’t have to keep asking yourself: “where is Vaultek located?”

It has an interior that has been padded adequately, which also uses closed cell foams that are non-absorbent to maintain the condition of your firearm.

In the process of trying to make a Vaultek rs500i review, you will discover that the elegant device also features a smart key that has the quickest access point you can think of.

It has an impact detection feature in which is a trigger that warns when the safe is trying to be breached.

If you have a firearm, you intend to protect and preserve from the wrong persons (of course you’d want to do that), then the Vaultek VT Full-Size Handgun is the one for you.

The micro-USB charging cable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, spare manual keys and AC power adapter are some of the many features of this cute device.

Highlights Features:

  • Vaultek Bluetooth Smartphone App
  • Dual sided key design
  • Back up keys
  • Hard cover grip
  • Hidden key slot
  • 2 keys included
  • Built-in proximity sensor
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Good Sides:

  • Refined Interior
  • Responsive LED Lighting
  • Smart safe technology
  • High capacity

Bad Sides:

  • Expensive

Vaultek Safe Reviews: Buying Guide

Two Best Vaultek Safes

Having gone through the review of these three products: Vaultek VT20 Handgun Bluetooth, Vaultek VT Full-Size Handgun, and the Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun, we know you now understand the varying types if Vaultek safes which also differ in terms of prices and sizes.

The next step now is to look out for the very best safe that suits you or meets your need at a particular time.

This is why we have taken time to separate this buying guide for you in order for you to go through and decide yourself which Vaultek safe is accurate for you especially now that a lot of prospective buyers are even asking the question “where are vaultek safes made?”


The weight of the gun or safe may not be significant if you are to use your vaultek safe in the car.

However, if you intend to carry your gun around with you and very safely too, then your vaultek safe will be determined by the weight of the gun. This is very essential while purchasing your safe.

If you also intend to transport or carry your gun/firearm through the air, then the weight of your gun and gun safe become serious things to consider.


Best Vaultek Safe

We begin with the size of vaultek safe to be considered when you are purchasing any of the devices.

There is absolutely the need for you to check the inner dimensions of the vaultek safe you intend to buy just to make sure that it is the right safe for your firearm.

Just as you inspect the internal dimensions, you also need to apply the same method to the external dimensions, all in a bid to make sure your firearm is perfect for that particular vaultek safe.


I know a lot of readers look forward to this part because it is very important. In fact, this factor will almost single-handedly determine all other factors.

The reason for this is not far-fetched. No matter the vaultek safe’s quality, beauty, and distinguishing features, if you do not have the right amount of money to purchase it, then you simply cannot buy it even if you desire to.

For example, you might need to pay several hundred dollars to buy the Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe because its quality is very high compared to some other types of gun safes whereas some guns possess basic lockboxes which might go for less than $50.

Always consider the security level you will need whenever you intend to buy a gun safe, whether for your car or home. Also, have a thought on the value of your gun.

Let it be known that smash and grab thieves will find it easy to rob a car with a cheap firearm lockbox, but find it more difficult or quite impossible to do the same for a more expensive gun lockbox or safe.


Gun safes are naturally portable, which mostly makes for easy handling and movement. As a result of this, you need to ensure your Vaultek safe is anchored to a strong object inside your car, in case you’ll be transporting it often in with your car.

Experts have revealed that the best way a gun/firearm safe, within a car, can be anchored is by using a tethering cable made of steel. The best firearm safes have been observed to possess steel security cables.

However, this is not true in all cases, as that has been disproved a number of times. Some do not feature any security cable within them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are Vaultek Safes Good?

A: Vaultek safes are well made and are of the highest quality. They are large enough to contain my baby Glock 33, a small flashlight, 12 shotgun shells, two spare magazines, as well as keys to the shotgun. They possess other exciting and amazing features.

Q: Is Vaultek Lifepod TSA Approved?

A: It has now become a fact that each Vaultek safe out there, which includes the lifepod is 100% TSA compliant. This enables you to fly with the firearms and also transport the safes comfortably.

Q: Are Costco Gun Safes Any Good?

A: The Costco gun safes can boast of a reputation not all can boast of. The Costco gun safe has products that come at an amazing price. For example, the Bighorn B5933ECX is priced at under $1000.

Q: Can A Gun Safe Be Kept In The Garage?

A: It is advisable not to place your gun safe in the garage. If you have no other option, it is fine to bolt the gun safe to the floor and construct a covering around it. However, the best area to place the gun safe is the basement.

Final Verdict

We appreciate you for reading through this review and we hope you have been able to gain something from it. We hope you found this page helpful in guiding you through the major vaultek safes there are for your use.

One of the reasons you consider the price of the vaultek safe is that for the cheap ones, it disallows children from laying their hands on any gun while also stopping thieves from running away with your firearm.

However, you will need to put in more money if you consider your gun safe to do the work of defeating the desperate efforts of a ‘professional’ thief.

Check out those safes that have locking mechanisms that are of the highest quality. These ones will possess characteristics like anti-pry bars, interior security brackets, as well as concealed hinges.

The commonest types of locks you will see in the market which are placed on portable gun safes are keyed locks, combination locks, and biometric locks.

Some safes also feature the locking mechanism, which is RFID operated. The basic thing to look out for, however is the gun safe’s lock quality.

This is highly significant. The Vaultek slider sl20i review is also similar to the reviews done above.

Also, since the Vaultek lifespan is TSA reviewed, you can also check out the ‘Vaultek lifepod review’ for more information.

We will be publishing more similar articles and we will also be presenting more accurate and essential data soon. Do ensure you check back on our site as often as you can.

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