Top 6 Rhino Safes Comparison & Buying Guide

Have you ever wondered how to pick the right gun safe — one that safely houses your gun collection without causing you to break the bank?

If yes, this guide might be all you need. In this Rhino safes review, we evaluated a range of gun safes on a range of parameters — locking mechanism, sturdiness, price, overall style, among others.

In short, regardless of your needs or budget, you are likely to find the ideal gun safe for you here.

Picking the right gun safe is a big decision, since your family’s security may depend on it.

Rhino Safes In the Living Room besides the bed

Research shows more than 60% of Americans who have firearms at home tend to feel much safer.

However, having firearms alone is not enough; you also must have a sturdy safe for them.

Otherwise, young children or someone who does not know how to use them may lay their hands on them, which in turn can result in a serious mishap.

And this is where top Rhino safes review can prove to be a game-changer. So, let’s dive straight in.

Detailed Review of the Top 6 Rhino Gun Safes

Here is our list of the top 6 gun safes for your home.

1. Rhino King Longhorn Lns2618 Gun Safe

Longhorn LNS2618 Nightstand by Rhino Metals, Gun Safe, Electronic Lock and BONUS Handgun Holder

This is one gun safe that has a lot going for it. Its sturdy built and advanced locking mechanism ensures that all your guns will be safe.

Plus, its size might just be perfect for an amateur gun collector while its price tag promises value for money.

The safe has enough storage space for your guns and valuables. And the fact the interior is fully upholstered is an added bonus.

Another plus point is that according to many Rhino metals gun safe reviews, the safe has a U.L.

Listed electronic lock. In short, you can easily access your code, but others would have a hard time breaking in.

Moreover, the safe boasts a fireproof rating of 60 minutes at 1400 degrees.

In other words, it means if you were to have a 1400 degrees fire for an hour, the inside of this safe will remain below 350 degrees.

And as far as installation is complete, this is one gun safe that’s very easy and simple to install. No worries about breaking your back in the process, which is good to hear.

2. Rhino Warthog RW6024X Rhino Safe Review


Rhino Safe Warthog RW6042X Gun Safe, 52 Long Guns & 8 Hand Guns, 820 lbs, 80 Minute Fire Protection

Warthog Rhino safe, the next name in our Rhino Safes review, packs quite a punch when it comes to keeping your valuables safe.

Thanks to a 12 gauge composite door and heavy-duty 12 gauge steel body, intruders will find it next to impossible to break.

What else has this beast got for you?

Well, for starters, it offers a lot of guns space, holding as many as 54 long guns and 8 handguns.

What’s more, its adjustable shelving allows you to store your guns and valuables in different ways.

Also, thanks to a heavy-duty steel body, the Warthog Rhino safe is as sturdy as it came. Intruders can forget about drilling a hole into it, because that’s almost impossible.

On top of that, there’s an advanced electronic lock system, which makes it impossible for someone who doesn’t know the passcode to open it.

You’ll also be pleased to know the safe is fire-rated for 80 minutes at 1400°F.

This feature, as you may guess, makes it extremely suitable for storing cash, important documents, and, of course, guns.

Last but not the least, innovative design gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of how you stash your valuables.

3. Kodiak K5940ex Gun Safe By Rhino Metals Gun Safe Review


Kodiak K5940ex Gun Safe By Rhino Safes Review

This is one of the best gun safe models in the Kodiak series from Rhino, as pointed out by more than one online Rhino gun safe review.

Spacious and sturdy, Kodiak K5940EX has almost everything you would like in a top-quality gun safe.

You can stash as many as 52 long guns along with 8 handguns. Not only this, but a deluxe door organizer coupled with adjustable shelving also allows you great freedom when it comes to fitting in your possessions.

Also, this model boasts of a sturdy electronic lock and a highly reputable proprietary locking system.

You can rest easy knowing no unwanted hands will ever get to touch your prized possessions.

As far as fire ratings are concerned, Kodiak K5940EX puts in a great show. It can withstand temperatures of around 1400 degrees for an hour.

Although the safe doesn’t come with a dehumidifier, it does have pre-drilled holes that allow you easily to add it if you want, which is good to know.

Lastly, a thick 2.75 mm steel composite built makes it a sturdy gun safe without any weak spots.

4. Kodiak Strong Box Gun Safe By Rhino Metals – American Security Gun Safe


Kodiak Strong Box Gun Safe By Rhino Safes metal – American Security Gun Safe

If you ever wanted a gun-safe box that has an old-world charm to it but features modern security mechanisms, Kodiak Strong Box might just be right up your alley. Have a look at what this baby has in store for you.

Thanks to a thick 2.75 mm steel composite door and body, this model makes for a sturdy safe.

The safe also boasts of 8 door bolts, each 1’’ in size, and 3 hardened steel plates, which means even drilling won’t cause much damage.

Also, this model comes prebuilt with a top-shelf electronic lock, so you can rest easy knowing anyone who doesn’t know the code can’t open it.

Another thing worth noting is that this safe meets California standards for gun safes.

You’ll be pleased to know that Company’s much sought-after gun rack comes pre-installed in this model.

This patented gun rack can house as many as 20 long guns, along with 4 handguns.

On top of this, the safe boasts of a fire rating of 60 mins at 1400 degrees, which means that with this model in the house, you can expect your valuables to be safe even in the event of a fire.

5. Kodiak Tactical Gun Safe By Rhino Metals


Kodiak Gun Safe for Rifles and Pistols KTF5940EX-SO by Rhino Metals | Best Rhino Safes


The next name in our Rhino Safes review — Kodiak Tactical Gun Safe — is a sturdy safe with top-of-the-line security features.

In addition to this, it comes preinstalled with some patented parts, making it an attractive buy for all those looking for a solid gun safe with all the latest bells and whistles.

Thanks to its impressive gun space, you will have no problem storing up to 36 long guns as well as 6 handguns.

When it comes to fire safety, this safe is second to none. For instance, did you know that this model comes with a door seal that expands itself up to seven times in case of fire?

In short, this model keeps your valuables safe in all situations.

This model features the company’s F-15 gun safe locking system, which is well-supported by 4-sided protection and 11 large door bolts.

This means that event attacking on the safe with a drill will not inflict much damage (if any at all). You also get the company’s Swing Out Gun Rack pre-installed.

In addition, the gun rack boasts adjustable shelving and a deluxe door organizer, all of which give you a range of storage options.

You will also be pleased to know that this safe meets the requirements laid under Penal Code section 23655.

6. Rhino Safe Warthog Gun Safe – Ample Gun Space


Rhino Safe Warthog Gun Safe – Ample Gun Space

Our best Rhino Safes review wouldn’t be complete if we were to not talk about Warthog Gun Safe.

If you are a seasoned gun collector, this safe might be all you will ever need. Attractive to look at and featuring a robust body, this model can accommodate a large number of guns.

You can count on this model to house as many as 54 long guns plus 8 handguns. Now that’s pretty impressive, right?

Also, it’s strong built acts as a big deterrent against break-ins. Featuring a 12 gauge steel composite door, a ball bearing drill plate, and an anti-tamper clutch, this model might be just the one for those who want to keep their valuables safe at all costs.

Furthermore, did you know that this model meets all California acceptable standards for gun safety devices?

In short, this Rhino gun safe doesn’t compromise when it comes to keeping your things secure.

Another impressive feature is its deluxe door organizer, which gives you ample storage options.

Lastly, this gun safe can hold it at temperatures hovering around 1400 degrees for 80 minutes.

Buying Guide For The Top Gun Safe

Opened Rhino Safes With Some Guns and Rifles

What are the main factors to consider while buying a gun safe? Well, let’s take a look.


Now, this is a no-brainer. You would obviously want a gun safe that can accommodate all your guns and valuables. Therefore, consider this factor before any other.


Look for gun safes that fit your budget. After all, you wouldn’t want to end up paying through your nose for a gun safe.

#Locking Mechanism

It goes without saying that a top-quality gun safe should have an advanced locking system to keep intruders away.

Frequently Answered Questions

What Makes A Good Gun Safe?

A quality gun safe must be sturdily built, have an advanced security system, and give you ample gun space. Also, its price tag should be reasonable.

How Important Is The Fire Rating Of A Gun Safe?

That’s an important feature. Obviously, go for a safe with a good fire protection rating. This is will ensure your valuables will remain safe even in case of a fire.

Is Quality Gun Safe Expensive?

No, not really. There are many gun safes that not only pack a good punch but also are priced fairly.

Wrapping Up

Rhino gun safes come in all sizes and shapes. So the main question is – how do you choose the right one?

Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. This is because different people have different requirements.

Precisely for this reason, we included as many as the top 6 gun safes in our Rhino Safes review. We hope it helps you make an informed decision.

However, if you would ask our recommendation, the Kodiak Strong Box shows up as a clear-cut winner.

It not only has ample gun space and state-of-the-art security systems, but also comes with some of the most sought-after patented features.

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