Various Ways to Access a Safe And Secure Your Information

It is a common aim for every individual to save their possessions and valuables as much as possible. It becomes a priority for each individual.

It is because it seems very difficult or sometimes impossible to get back the stolen things. So, here we provide some information about various ways to access a safe.

All the security forces are doing best on their level, but still, they are unable to stop crime or to prevent burglars. Therefore you have to secure your valuables at your hand and for this people are doing a lot.

Using a safe is a traditional method to secure valuable things. This trend has been in the air for hundreds of years, and still, it is the most secure option to keep safe valuables.

Everyone has heard about safe locks; it is a security device that prevents a burglar from stealing the valuables that one has stored in them.

Now, the thing is, as per the world is getting digitized, the security devices have also got massive changes, or we can say it has become more advanced and secure.

Therefore, sometimes the owner gets confused about how to open the safe if they have purchased the latest digital model.

You are here; it means you might be facing some issues accessing your safe. If yes, then we assure you that after reading this entire article, you will be able to open it easily.

It is because we are going to discuss the various ways to open different models of security boxes. Read further to get your issue.

How to Open an Older Traditional Safe?

If you have owned an older model, then probably it has only one option to lock or unlock it, and that is through its keyhole. Most traditional safes come with only a key lock mechanism.

If you have a similar one, then you have to use the suited keys to open it. It is the easiest and most traditional way of accessing a safe. 

  • You have to insert the key in the keyhole of the security box. 
  • Now, turn it clockwise to unlock it. 
  • After using close the door and then turn the key counterclockwise or vice versa to lock it again. 

Quickly Open a Digital Safe With the Help of a Password:

As we said earlier, the security system is getting advanced regularly. Now, the latest models are featured with some advanced techniques to make them more secure. The combination keys are one of these latest features.

So, if you have owned a digital model that supports the password method to access, then, first of all, you have to set a password in its lock mechanism. For this, you have to follow the below-given steps. 

  • Locate the configuration option to save the password on its LCD screen by pressing the menu and navigating the buttons of its keypad.
  • Once you have located the settings menu, then choose to change or create a password option.
  • After that, you have to enter a new password as per your comfort for easy to remember.
  • Once you have entered the password through the keypad, then press enters to save it.

Now, your security device has got a password for access.

To Open It, You Have to Follow These Instructions:

  • Press any key, or in some models, it requires you to press OK or enter the button first.
  • Now, the device will ask you to enter your combination key or code. 
  • Enter the correct code and then press the OK button. 
  • The device will beep, and the screen will show a “success” notice.
  • Now, you can easily open the box by opening its door. 

How to Open a Biometric Safe?

Biometric technology is the latest one that everyone has seen in the latest smartphones. It is a technology that lets you secure your electronic device by saving your physical characteristics e.g., fingerprint.

Now, the latest models of safes are also loaded with this beautiful and extra secured feature.

Various Ways to Access a Safe

These safes are expensive but have enough potential to prevent a burglar from stealing things from them. If you are planning to own a safe then the biometric featured safe will be highly recommended.

If you have already owned one and didn’t understand the accessing process, then we are here to help you out. The very first step is to save your fingerprint in its lock mechanism, and for this, follow the below-given instructions. 

  • The very first step is to find the settings menu on its LCD screen. 
  • Open the settings menu and then choose the security option. 
  • Choose Add fingerprint.
  • Now you have to put any of your fingers of your hand on its scanner.
  • Wait for a few moments and let it read the pattern of your finger. 
  • In most models, it will require a finger scan twice.
  • After the lock system has read your finger pattern briefly, it will ask you to save it.
  • Press the OK or Enter button to save your fingerprint in the lock system.

Now, your safe is ready for access through your fingerprint. 

NOTE: one can add multiple fingers to easy access

  • Now time to answer your question: how to open a biometric safe? for this follow these steps:
  • Put your finger on the scanner and let it read the pattern.
  • After a few seconds, the device will beep as it has successfully read your fingerprint.
  • Now open the door. 
  • It is the most comfortable and most convenient method or feature that appears in the latest safes models.

FAQ section:

1. How to open a traditional safe if keys are lost?

There are a lot of ways to open an older model safe when you have lost the keys, and it supports only keys for accessing.

These ways are known as scooping and bolting, and apart from these, you can try the burglar’s methods to open it. One can open it with a simple paper clip or a thin wire.

For this, you have to insert a paper clip or thin wire into the keyhole and turn it counterclockwise. These burglars’ methods are usually all have watched in movies.

If these methods didn’t work, then it is better to call a locksmith before damaging the entire safe or its lock mechanism. 

2. How to open a safe if you have forgotten the combination?

It happens many times that one has forgotten the combination code and wasn’t able to access their safe. If your security box supports the keys then you can easily open it through its keys.

If there is no option for keys then you will have to damage the lock system. For this, the bolting method or scooping method will help you.

One can use a drill to loosen up the bolts of the lock system, and then the system will leave your security box. Once it’s got separated from the security box, you can easily open it.

This method will damage your lock system and you have to buy a new one for further use.  There are several other ways to open a safe if you have forgotten the combination code, and for this, you can read our other article to understand the full process quickly.

3. What to do when the batteries are dead?

All the digital safes work with the help of electric power. It happens many times when the cells are dead, and the owner will become unable to open them.

If you are also having this issue, then do not worry anymore because there are several ways to open it without damaging any component.

The electric safe comes with various ways to access it like biometrics, combinations, or keys. When the batteries are dead, then the combination and biometric function become useless.

If there is a crucial option, then use it to access it easily. If your safe has only a combination or biometric option, then you have to replace the battery.

Most digital safes have an option to open an emergency open by using the power of an external battery.

If you have the same model, then you can attach an external battery by inserting the power cable in the port that appears outside of the lock mechanism near the keypad or scanner.

This method will let you open the safe, and you will be able to replace the battery quickly. This technique will never harm your security device anyhow.

If your model did not have an option for using external power, then you will have to damage the lock mechanism to open it.

For this, you can use a drill to separate the lock system from the safety box. Do not damage the entire safe because it is costly.

Bottom lines!

The safes are one of the best ways to keep secure your valuables and to prevent burglars as well. So it is better to own a safe instead of using other traditional methods.

Some people think that it is tough to operate an electronic digital safe, and therefore they avoid using it. You have read the easiest ways to open your older or latest security box.

So we do not think, now anyone can avoid this best way to keep secure their possessions. We also have discussed several ways to open your safe when you are not able to access it due to any specific reason.

We have listed various ways to let you use your safe to a greater extent. Now, use your safe to a greater extent for keeping your things secure in it!

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