How to Unlock the Sentry Safe Without Code

Are you looking for a way to store your valuable documents, money, and accessories? If so, choose sentry safe. It guarantees your valuables 100% protection.

Sentry safes can withstand anything; people love them because they are durable. Furthermore, its lock rigidity assures you maximum security.

Similarly, this device is made of steel and is fireproof. It also has its passcode or key for easy accessibility.

You must wonder what will happen if you lose your key or forget your passcode. Of course, you will not be able to access your sentry safe, but this should not worry you because there are a thousand ways of killing a rat.

Therefore, this comprehensive post will guide you to unlocking your sentry safe without the code.

Several ways of opening your sentry safe without code:

Method 1- Utilize a paperclip to open your sentry safe

How to Unlock the Sentry Safe Without Code

You must understand that sentry safe are usually impenetrable. Therefore, if you lose your code, the fastest way to open it is by utilizing a paper clip.

However, for this procedure to be successful, you must be patient and ensure you have the needle nose pliers alongside your sentry safe. Let us have a look at a few steps of unlocking the sentry safe using the paperclip:

  • Use your fingers or a plier to spread your paperclips away from each other. And bend a big part of it at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • After that, bend the remaining paper clip and ensure it is similar to a wrench
  • Take a new paperclip and bend the legs to an angle of 45 degrees with another leg incorporating an angle of 180 degrees. Ensure your second paper clip resembles a feeler pick because it will act as a handle for rotating your sentry safe.
  • Find your safe lock lower area and position the first paper clip there.
  • On the upper area of your sentry safe, place the feeler pick. Remember, the upper area features the teeth of your sentry safe.
  • Twist the clip placed on the lower sentry safe area clockwise as you shake the upper clip in the clock’s teeth and stay keen to ensure you hear a sound click.
  • After the clicking sound, rotate both pins thrice and turn them clockwise to open your sentry safe.

Method 2- Open using a rare earth magnet

How to open the Sentry Safe

If you have lost your key and you need something urgently from your sentry safe, do not be hesitant to open it using a rare earth magnet.

This can be pretty easy if you find a safe nickel solenoid, usually used as a safe’s material lock mechanism.

Place the magnet in your sock and situate it near the nickel solenoid area. After ensuring everything is in order, rotate the knob, and your sentry safe will successfully open.

Method 3- Use a drill

How to Unlock the Sentry Safe Without Code

This method will help you open your sentry safe, but it is destructive. Bear in mind that if you use a drill on your safe sentry lock, you are likely to destroy it, and there might be a need to replace it afterward.

When using the drill, direct it straight to the lock because if it gets the body, it will ruin it completely.

Therefore, if possible, drill it via lock open, then later, you can plan how to replace it. You can ask the technician to find a new lock and replace the ruined one.

Method 4- Use the nail file

How to open the Sentry Safe

You must invest in a nail cutter for this method to work for you. Below are a few steps of using the nail file to open the sentry safe:

  • Open your nail file straight up
  • Find a little screwdriver and place it as you did with the paper clip earlier. However, if the nail find can handle the task ahead well, you might not require the screwdriver. In this case, place the nail file inside the lock.
  • Rotate the file in a clockwise direction, continue spinning, and when you hear a click sound, it means your sentry safe is opened.

Method 5- Request a replacement key

You have probably lost your safe sentry key or forgotten the code and do not want to apply other methods to open it.

In this case, do not hesitate to request your manufacturer for a replacement key. However, your manufacturer will require you to provide him with the serial number and the safe sentry model.

If you are unsure about them, find the guideline for finding your serial number on the sentry safe website.

After that, fill out the form for recovering your key on the website. Ensure you enter the figure of the new keys you require, safe model, serial number, and key number.

When you are through, details might take 10 to 7 days. Then, you will get your new keys.

Method 6- Use a knife or screwdriver

There is no harm in using a knife or screwdriver to open your sentry safe. When using a knife, use the very pointed one at the end.

Furthermore, it should fit into your safe sentry lock perfectly. The confirming same applies to the screwdriver.

Stick your knife or screwdriver into your safe sentry lock and rotate it anticlockwise to enable it to enter a keyhole. Push it down and up, and there is no doubt that your lock will open.

Method 7- Take the sentry safe to the locksmith

If you cannot manage all the methods mentioned above and you are in a hurry, you have the option of taking your sentry safe to the locksmith.

Most people prefer this method because it consumes minimal time, unlike other DIY methods.

However, it is costlier to hire a locksmith, and you should be willing to dig deeper into your pocket to have the locksmith paid, and your lock opened.

The blacksmith’s techniques might cause lasting damage to your sentry safe. Therefore, opt for DIY methods to avoid any damage.


Based on this guide, you are familiar with multiple ways to open your sentry safe. Therefore, choose whichever method you find suitable. But unlocking a sentry safe without a passcode or key can be frustrating.

However, if you cannot put up with the alternatives mentioned above, ensure you contact the manufacturer and ask for a key replacement, especially if you need something urgently.

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