How to Secure a Gun Safe to the Wall

There are several ways to secure the safe to the wall. For instance, you can mount it on the wall without a fire rating. Also, you can drill holes near the safe and then drill wood anchors in the holes.

Note that the gun safe mostly comes with holes on the bottom which you can use to bolt to the floor or the wall and the process will be over.

However, this is not the case for most people. You might be in an apartment where you cannot put holes. In this scenario, you have nothing to worry about since you can mount the gun safe on the wall securely.

Now let’s look at the ways that you can use to secure a gun safe to the wall.

How You Can Secure a Gun Safe to the Wall

Metal support welding

One way to secure a gun safe to the wall is by welding metal support to the gun safe. Here you will have to place the metal frame near the gun safe.

You can also make sure the metal frame comes into contact with the gun safe and then weld or seal the two together.

After the process, make sure that you examine the support and make sure that it is strong enough to produce strong support.

Through the wall stud

Another way to secure a gun safe to the wall is through a wall stud. Here you have to attach your gun safe to the wall stud. To do so, first you will need to locate the wall stud on the wall.

Then mark the region where you will use it to secure your safe. Then drill holes in the region you have marked. Finally, you will have to install or anchor the safety by aligning it with the holes you drilled.

Hiding on the wall painting

One method for securing your safe to the wall is to conceal it behind wall paint or artwork.Hiding it in this place, it would be hard for a criminal to take advantage of the safe.

Though the area where the safe is located is easy to access, even if you have an emergency, you will camouflage the safe and it will look like it is part of your wall.

You can even improvise it with other security features. Once the paint is moved, you can get a security alert.

Though it may sound like a cheap method, it is one of the viable ways to make sure that the safe is secure by hiding it behind the painting on the wall.

Unless you tell someone, a stranger would recognize or expect you to hide the safe in that location.

Through security cables

Another way to secure guns safely to the wall is with the help of security cables. Rather than using bolts, you can use security cables to secure your safe. Here you have to mount pillars or metal beams or steel supports on the wall that would be hard to move.

Once you have this frame, then what you will need to do is to attach the safe to the wall by securing it with the help of the security cables and the frame you installed.

Here you will have to use a security cable that is hard to cut so that it will be hard to remove the safe. With this method, you will provide your safe with extra security and it will be hard for someone to remove or steal your safe.

Frequently asked questions

How Can I Install a Gun Safe on the Wall?

To install the safe on the wall, make sure that you have a suitable safe that can be mounted on the wall. By “suitably safe,” it means having anchoring holes on the sides or the back.

Then mark the exact points on the wall and then drill the holes and mount them by placing them correctly in position. You can use other methods to do so as long as you install it securely on the wall.

Which Is the Perfect Place to Secure My Safe?

The place to secure or mount your safe is a place that is easy to access in times of emergency, but at the same time, it should not be in a place where someone would notice it easily.


So that’s how to secure a gun safe to the wall in your home. The methods are simple, so you can do it yourself.

However, you can hire a carpenter or any person who is dependable to help you implement the method of your choice so that you can secure your safe.


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