How To Open The First Alert Safe?

If you are wondering how to open the First Alert Safe, we can help. This article is designed to help you deal with different issues with the Opening of First Alert safes.

You can check on this article to know about different other brands of safes as well.

First Alert Safe is a reputable brand known for its different types of safes. The brand offers almost all types of safes for your convenience.

Whether you are looking for a smart locker for your valuables at home or need a secure cash box for your business,

How To Open The First Alert Safe Without A Key And Combination?

First Alert comes with all sorts of options relating to safes. It also presents some of the best gun safes for your convenience.

The First Alert offers all types of safes that you can choose from. These safes are available in all sizes, from small to extra-large lockers.

The security they offer is also great; they offer all types of locks from the combination, keys, and digital lock systems.

Opening The First Alert Safe

Opening the First Alert Safe is easy and convenient for the user with the keys and combination locks.

The safes come with different types of locks. Here is a quick look at the locks.

Mechanical Lock

The mechanical lock is the traditional lock that can be operated with the keys. Like all good safes, the First Alert safes also come with a set of two keys.

You can save the other key into a safe place in case you misplace one key. Make sure you always keep both keys separate so you can go to the other key if one is misplaced.

Combination Lock

A combination lock allows you to set the password on your safe. You can only open the lock easily by pressing your combination lock.

You can also reset the combination whenever you want if you know the combination lock.

Digital Lock

Digital locks are more advanced. They allow you to set a password on the digital pad that comes with the safe.

The digital lock works with the battery, and you can easily change the password whenever you want to change it.

How To Open The First Alert Safe Without A Key And Combination?

How To Open The Safe Without A Key And Combination

Opening the safe is easy and hassle-free only when you have the keys or remember the exact combination for opening the lock.

But what if you have lost the keys and forgot the combination? Let’s take an at how to open the safe without combination without damaging the safe.

For Dial Safe

For most of the safes, you get an emergency key for these types of situations. Look for the emergency key, and you can open the safe with that.

After removing the dial, you may find an emergency keyhole behind it. You can use that keyhole for inserting the emergency key, and the lock will open.

It is important to note that not all manufacturers place the emergency keyholes behind the dial.

You can contact the manufacturer or look in the papers that came safely to know where the emergency keyhole is located.

For Digital Safes

Some digital safes come with emergency keyholes that you can open in the same way as you can open the dial lock. Some digital safes have bolt openings.

You can look for the bolt opening of your First Alert safe. It is located at the base of the locker or to its back. Once you find the bolt opening through which you can see the digital keypad. 

After you locate the bolt opening, you can take a thin rod to enter inside and reach the combination lock.

Push the rod inside the safe and hit the reset button on the back of the digital keypad. Once it is activated on reset, you can change the lock.

Replacing The Key Or Combination

How To Open The First Alert Safe

You can contact the manufacturers if you have lost the master keys. You have to prove your ownership of the safe, and they can give you a new master key or a new combination.

Confirmation of ownership is easy. All you have to do is to attach a legal document that verifies your ownership of the safe.

What if you have not lost the key, but still the First Alert safe is not opening?

Door is Stuck

The door can be stuck if the bars of the locks are not appropriately disengaged. You can insert the override key, and while the door is stuck, take a screwdriver to push the bars and open the door forcefully.

Key Is Not Opening

If your key is all in one piece, but it still fails to open the safe, there must be dust or debris stuck inside the lock.

You can take a pin or wire and try to clean the lock from inside. It can also happen if you have not opened the lock for a long time. Once the lock is clean, you can check and try to open the lock with the key.

Digital Lock Is Not Working

If your digital lock is not working, then the chances are that it has a weakened battery. You should replace the battery immediately.

You can use the override key for opening the lock and changing the digital keypad battery so that it starts working.

Final Words

Opening a First Alert Safe with a key or combination is easy for the owner. However, it can cause a lot of nuisances if you have lost the keys and forgotten the combination lock.

You can try to open the lock with the override key that comes along with almost all safes. It would help if you kept that key in a secure place where it is easy to find when you need it. 

Never place the keys inside the safe as you won’t be able to use keys in an emergency. Also, never try to open the safe with hard tools.

You may open the safe with a hammer or other tools, but you can damage your safe and make it useless in the future.

The best way to open the lock is to contact the manufacturers and ask for a new combination lock or a new key. You can also contact a professional locksmith if the manufacturers are of no help.

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