How To Open The 3 Digit Combination Safe?

In this article, we will look at how to open a three-digit combination safe. We will look at the combination locks, how it works, and how to open the three-digit combination code.

Despite the modern digital and electronic locks, safes with combination locks are still very much in demand. These safes use the traditional combination mechanism to open the lock.

The combination locks allow you to set three or four-digit codes depending on the type of lock.

Although digital and electronic locks are pretty simple to use, combination locks are not as easy. They are a bit tricky to open, and you may take some time to open the safe.

We recommend you read the manual that comes with your safe carefully to know how to set the combination lock.

We have made this article a comprehensive guide on how to open the combination lock for your convenience. Before we dig deep, let’s look at a combination lock and how it works.

What Is A Combination Lock?

A combination lock is a secure locking mechanism that allows you to open the lock with your preset combination.

Combination locks of safes are divided into two groups. Group one provides great security, and the number of digits can go up to six numbers.

Group two is the lock system that most of the safes allow you to set one, two, or three digits combination code.

How Does A Combination Lock Work?

How Does A Combination Lock Work

A combination lock works like a lever mechanism. It works with the tumblers that retract the fence when aligned in the right position.

Like a mechanical lock uses a key to align the tumblers in the right position. The combination mechanism uses numbers, letters, or symbols as a reference point to put the tumblers in the right places manually.

The tumblers are called the wheels that are used for locking the digits in the right position.

Each wheel has a slot attached to its edge, and if it is moved to the right number, it puts the slot in the right position.

When all digits are placed in the right position, the fence retracts the bolt, locking the safe.

Three-digit combination codes are more popular, as remembering three digits is easy than remembering the longer combination codes.

How To Unlock The 3 Digit Combination Sentry Safe?

How To Unlock The 3 Digit Combination Sentry Safe?

Opening the combination sentry safe is not difficult once you get the hack of it. Let’s look at the process step by step.

You can look for the combination code provided by the manufacturers. Mostly combination they offer a card with a combination code where you can find the combination code.

Once you have the three-digit code, you can open the code or change your personal choice code.

To open the code:

  • Turn the dial to the left to the right number three times.
  • Turn the dial to the right side two times to the second number.
  • Turn the dial to the left again, one time to the right number.

It is important to note here that if you move the dial to a wrong number or move it past the number a little, you cannot simply put the dial back. You have to start once again and try to move the dial to the right combination code.

How To Open The Combination Code If You Have Forgotten The Code?

How To Open The Combination Code If You Have Forgotten The Code?

First, it is important to save all the safe documents, especially if you have the card, then save it to a place where you can find it easily whenever you need it.

Never place the card inside the safe as you cannot go to it for the combination code in case of an emergency.

If you have forgotten the combination code, it is important to unlock the company code. Most brands can provide you with the secret codes of their companies if you prove the ownership of the safe with them.

Still, if you can’t access the combination code, we recommend contacting a professional locksmith.

Never try to open the safe without a combination code with force and don’t use the power tools or a hammer to open the safe. You can damage the safe and make it useless for the future.

How To Change The Combination Code?

How To Change The Combination Code?

You can change the combination code anytime you want with the recent combination and the change key. If you have changed the combination code, make sure you write the code down somewhere for easy access.

It may slip out of your mind, especially if you have chosen random numbers. Make sure you choose the numbers that are of some significance and can recall it easily whenever you need them.

To change the combination code, you need to know the previous code. To change the code:

  • Unlock the safe
  • Rotate the lever up to ninety degrees,
  • Locate the change key
  • Insert the change key into the lock body and turn it.
  • Dial the new three combination code you want to set with the same sequence of turning the dials.
  • Leave the third number parked on the change mark.
  • Test the combination by using the new number.

Write down the new combination code to a secure place where you can easily find it if you forget the code.

Final Words

Combination safes are still considered very secure for protecting your valuables. They are not as easy to open as an electric or digital code, but they can be difficult to pry-open as well.

It is very difficult to crack the combination code. Three-digit combination codes are easy to remember and used by some of the best combination safes for homes.

These are small codes that are easy to open, but still keep your valuables safe and secure. Make sure you write down the code somewhere and contact the manufacturers if you cannot open the safe.


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