How To Open Amazon Safe Without Key? | The Facts you should be Aware Of!

Amazon basics safes are one of the most amazing safes as they are designed for protection from fire, and the space inside them is tremendous as they can hold any kind of document, cash, or jewelry.

If you’re traveling for some time, you don’t have to worry about your things if you have Amazon basics safe.

If you are looking to unlock this safe, we have prepared a guide where you can find all the essential steps and utilize them in different situations. First, we’ll talk about opening the safe for the first time.

1. Unlocking The Safe For The First Time:

How To Open Amazon Safe Without Key? Amazon Safe Open View with Measurement

You just bought your new amazon basics safe and searching for steps to unlock it; the following steps will help you open it.

Step 1: When you purchase your new safe, it comes with a cover on the safe’s lock. Remove the shield from the emergency lock for further proceeding.

Step 2: After removing the cover from the emergency lock, you have to look for an emergency key, which you might find in the safe’s box.

Place the key inside the lock and rotate it in the clockwise direction to unlock it.

Note: Ask the safe’s dealer for an emergency key before buying the safe.

Step 3: Since you have inserted the key, after hearing the unlocking mechanism’s sound, turn the doorknob in the clockwise direction and pull the handle to open the safe’s door.

These are the three basic steps you have to complete for opening your safe.

2. How To Install Batteries:

How To Open The Digital Lock - Installing Batteries

After unlocking the door, you have to install the batteries to start using the digital system of the safe.

Step 1: Hold the door open after unlocking it and look for the battery compartment, which you will find on the backside of the keypad inside the safe. Powering the battery is important to start your electronic keypad mechanism.

Step 2: When you find the battery compartment, unlock it by removing the battery holder’s cap. You can push the button to slide the cap away. The batteries which you will use in this safe are AA batteries.

Step 3: Since these batteries are not available on the purchase of this safe. You have to buy it by yourself. Place the batteries in the correct position that it + (positive terminal) and – (negative terminal) should match in the battery pocket.

NOTE: You have to replace the batteries when the safe’s keypad indicates you with this sign (!).

3. Setting Your Code

How To Open Amazon Safe Without Key - Setting Your Code

When you complete the installation, you should set your new code to start with your brand new Amazon basics safe. Setting up the code requires some easy and simple steps.

Step 1: Amazon basics safe’s reset button lies behind the keypad, so you have to keep the door open to press that switch. You will hear (2) beeps after clicking the reset button.

Step 2: Enter the new code after the reset button. The code can consist of three to eight digits. After entering the new code, press the pound sign (#) button to confirm your new code.

Step 3: The safe’s keypad will indicate a confirming sign if your new code is accepted. If you find a warning light appearing on your digital pad, that means the reset password is not accepted, and you have to start from the beginning again.

NOTE: Don’t rush for the code; start entering the code after hearing (2) beeps.

Opening The Amazon Safe Without Key

Opening The Amazon Safe Without Key

If you lost your safe key or forgot the code, you don’t have to rush with your safe to any locksmith or ask anyone to try Amazon basics safe bump open, or else you might lose your safe.

These safes offer you a great feature to use during these severe situations. We will explain to you that characteristic so you can overcome your problem.

1. Set Up Your Master Code

The feature this safe provides you is a master code option. This important option helps you when you want to access the safe without a key, or you have lost your safe code. There are some steps to set the master code on your safe.

Step 1: Holding your door open, you have to type (0) number twice and then press the reset button, you will hear a (1) beep, and then you can start with your master code.

Step 2: Enter the new code after the reset button. The code can consist of three to eight digits. After you finish entering the code, press the pound sing (#) button to confirm your new code. This time the confirmation (lock) sign will appear verifying that your new master code is activated.

NOTE: If you don’t find any confirm (lock) sign, that means your new master code is not accepted, repeat both of the above steps to set it again.

Should You Buy Amazon Basic Safe?

After reading the opening and many more steps, you must be waiting for the review. Here we are, presenting you with the Amazon basics safe review.

These safes hold your things even when they are burning down in a fire.

The inner seal plate of the safe provides you with autonomous space to store your items. Due to the inner lining, your key valuables are safe from scratches.

The safe’s door is pry-resistant making it fireproof. These safes are durable and easy to use.


Read the whole thing? Then you are ready to get this fireproof safe for your home or office. And the great thing is you have all the information regarding Amazon basics safes.

You can unlock it, change the batteries, and the most important is, you can open this safe without the key. This article will help you a lot.

Why don’t you help us by giving us your feedback? We will wait for your comment. Till then, enjoy and don’t forget the code! Bye.

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