How To Open A Sentry Safe Quickly and Easily Step by Step Guide

If you are wondering how to open a Sentry safe, then keep reading. This article is all about Sentry safe and how to open different locks.

We will look at the locks Sentry safe offer and see how to open the different locks. We will also see what to do if you have forgotten the code or lost the keys.

Sentry is one of the most reliable brands for safes and lockers. The brand offers some of the most reliable safes in the market and provides a versatile protection system for any safe you need.

The brand is in business for almost 80 years and is based in New York. The brand offers safes for business, home, or gun stores.

The brand has some of the best protection systems for homes or offices. They offer different levels of security systems from basic, moderate, high, and maximum security systems. They offer all types of locks.

Types Of Locks Sentry Safe Offers

The Sentry safes offer all types of lock systems for your convenience, and you can choose the system you think is most convenient and protective for your valuables.

They offer:

  • Combination locks
  • Three-Number locks
  • Key locks
  • Tubular key lock
  • Digital lock
  • Card swipe lock
  • Biometric locks
  • Touchscreen locks
  • Dual key lock

Sentry safes offer all different locks, depending on the type of security system you trust and your convenience.

Opening The Sentry Safe

As we just mentioned, opening the sentry safe depends on the type of security system you have. Opening the touch screen or biometric system is very easy.

It allows you to touch the screen with your hand, and the safe opens instantly. Unfortunately, the combination or keys lock are not that simple.

You need to remember the combination or have the lock key for opening the safe.

How To Open The Lock On Sentry Safe?

To unlock the key lock, simply put the key into the locking cylinder and turn the key clockwise. If you want to lock the same system, simply turn the key in the opposite direction.

How To Open The Electric Lock Safe With A Key?

Inserted a key into the lock and rotating clockwise - How To Open The Electric Lock Safe With A Key?

Opening the electric lock safe with a key is simple. You need to have a factory code for opening the safe. A factory code is provided to the customer on the purchase of the safe.

It is written on the card provided by the manufacturers. Still, if you fail to find the factory code, you can contact Sentry Safe and send them the safe details, like its model number and serial number. They can provide you with the secret code for opening the safe.

To open the safe with a key, follow these steps:

  • Insert the tubular key into its keypad.
  • Turn the key to the right side for opening.
  • Press the five-digit combination code provided by the factory.
  • A green light will appear on the lock when it is unlocked.
  • You can pull the handle down and open the safe.

How To Open A Three-digit Combination Lock Of A Sentry Safe?

A Three-digit Combination Lock Of A Sentry Safe

Combination locks are the most common locks that are still widely used in safes. A three-digit code is easy to remember and open. Here is how to open the three-digit combination code.

  • Turn the dial to the left to the first digit three times.
  • Turn the dial to the right to the second number two times.
  • Turn the dial to the left again to the three-digit one time.

What If The Key Does Not Work?

What if you have the key, but still the safe is not opening? Here are a few methods of opening the safe if your key is not working.

  • Clean the inside of the lock with a wire to loosen up if any debris is sticking inside the lock.
  • You can check the number engraved on the key with the number on the key-lock cylinder to make sure you are using the right key.
  • Lubricate the lock with a locking oil; you can use PTFE or WD-40 oil. You can use the spray on the oil.
  • Try the key again.

What To Do If I Lost My Keys?

If you have lost the keys or a combination of your safe, you can contact the manufacturers to have a new key.

We strongly recommend you not to use force to open the safe. You can ruin your safe by using tools like a hammer to open the safe.

If you have lost the keys or combination code for opening the safe, you can still open the safe with its factory code.

As we said, the factory code is provided to the owners and comes with the safe.

You should keep the card secure at some other place where you can easily find the card in case of an emergency.

Don’t store the card inside the safe, or you won’t be able to find it if you lost the keys.

Still, if you cannot find the factory code, you can contact the manufacturers and ask for a new factory code.

You will have to provide them with the details of your safe, like its modal number and serial number.

You can order a new combination code or a new key as well. Make sure you change the combination code again when you get the factory code.

What Is A Dual Key?

The dual key is another type of lock system that is very secure. A dual key is used when you want to lock the safe with a combination code and a key.

You can set the dual key lock that requires you to not only open the safe with a key, but requires a combination code as well.

It is important to note that a dual key lock will not open with the only combination or only with the key if you have lost the key. You need to have both a key and a combination to open the lock.


Final Words

Sentry safes are offering one of the best home and business safes in the industry.

They offer a wide range of safes that come with different security systems levels depending on your needs and convenience.

You can choose a medium to a high level of protection system according to the price you are comfortable paying.

The locking systems are secure and reliable. Operating these locks is easy and typical as you have in other types of safes.

However, you may forget the combination of the keys and opening can be a problem.

This article explains all issues relating opening of the sentry safe with or without combination code or keys.


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