How To Open A Browning Gun Safe Without The Combination?

Many gun safes will help you secure your arms from uncertified people, but some offer fire protection. Browning gun safes are designed specifically for securing your items from fire.

These safes provide your style, security, and fire protection. Browning has designed this safe in a way that you can store as many valuable things as you want.

1. Opening Guide

A Browning gun safe can be excellent storage to protect your valuable items, but it won’t be helpful if you don’t know how to open a browning gun safe.

These safes offer you two kinds of locks. Whether it is a manual lock or an electronic one; you must know a proper way to open them.

Browning safe Manual Lock Instructions:

How To Open A Browning Gun Safe Without The Combination?

Some steps you must follow to open a browning gun safe with a manual lock:

  • Step 1: Rotate the door’s dial four times in the counterclockwise direction. In this way, you will start entering the combination, and after passing the first number of a safe combination three times, you must stop on it the fourth time.
  • Step 2: Since you’ve entered the first number, turn the door’s dial three times in a clockwise direction. Then pass the second number of your safe’s combination twice and stop on it the third time.
  • Step 3: Just like the first step, rotate the dial in the counterclockwise direction and enter the third number of your combination once.
  • Step 4: After passing all the numbers of your combination, rotate the dial as fast as possible. By finishing all the above steps, you can easily unlock the gun safe’s door.

These are the four steps that help you in unlocking the manual lock. Let’s have a look at the electronic lock mechanism.

S&G Electronic Lock Instructions:

Just like the manual instructions, there are some steps to be followed for unlocking electronic mechanisms.

  • Step 1: Enter your desired six-digit combination code on the Browning gun safe’s keypad. You must start your combination code with the # key.
  • Step 2: After entering the code, you’ve to wait until you hear the beep of the lock.
  • Step 3: After hearing the sound of the beep, you can turn the handle to open the safe. Within four to six seconds, complete all the steps, or you will lose the combination, and you have to start over.

2. Opening a 4-digit Browning Safe

How To Open A Browning Gun Safe Without The Combination

How do you open a 4 number browning gun safe? This question always arises when you buy a 4-digit browning safe. You don’t have to panic, as there are four simple steps to unlock the safe.

  • Step 1: For opening the safe, rotate the dial on the left side, and pause the first number.
  • Step 2: After the first number rotates the dial in the right direction, again pause the second number.
  • Step 3: In this way, you have entered two digits. Rotate the dial on the left side again; pause the third code number.
  • Step 4: Rotate the dial in the right direction right until it stops on its own. For the fourth digit, turn the dial clockwise.

How To Open A Browning Gun Safe Without The Combination?

How distressing could this be, then losing the combination of your Browning safe?

The thing that might be bothering you is how to open a browning pro steel gun safe without combination and how you will recover those precious items that you kept inside the safe. Sometimes you can’t even find a backup key to the safe.

So, don’t worry. We have prepared a simple guide for you to open the safe.

1. Browning Gun Safe Services

When it comes to these safes’ security, Browning does not let anyone take the access code until he/she provides proof of their ownership.

Before providing you with the MRC, browning services analyze their data to verify the owner.

Browning services ask you to follow some of the steps:

  • You will find the serial number you have to provide on the back top left corner of the safe.
  • You can find the proof of your own from the place you bought the Browning safe. The dealer will provide you with the certificate, and you have to verify that certificate from any law enforcement department.
  • Fax that verification and the printed letterhead to the Browning services department.
  • You have to provide a picture that shows that you own the safe.
  • Display your complete serial number in the picture.
  • In the end, you will provide the contact information related to the gun safe’s owner.

2. Override Access Key

Some of these gun safes offer you an override access key when you purchase it. The simplest and most effective way to gain back your safe’s access is to look for a backup key.

The Instruction manual guides you about resetting the lock’s combination.

It’s wiser to place that override access key somewhere to another location where it could be safe, and no one could get their hands on it.

It would be best to take some precautions before resetting the combination lock, as there is a chance of losing the safe.

Browning Gun Safe Review

Browning Gun Safe Review

If we look at the browning gun safe review, you’ll be surprised as these safes come up with a lot of customizable options that make it one step ahead in safety and security. There are various colors and several designs available for the gun safe.

Browning safe contains a DPX storage system that offers you adjustable shelves and two spacious gun pouches.

If we talk about security, this safe’s door is made from a gauge steel plate which is important against drill and bullet attacks.

In short, you will be purchasing the safest and most secure gun safe for your precious items.


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