How to Install A Wall Safe: Steps To Get Started and Protect Your Valuables

Do you have firearms and other valuables stored in your home? If so, you might want to consider installing a wall safe to protect them from theft.

A safe is a secure storage facility that can protect your belongings from thieves who might want to steal your guns, jewelry, or other valuable items.

If you’re looking to add some security to your home, a wall safe is a great option. Not only is it an easy way to store your valuable possessions, but it can also protect you and your family in the event of a burglary.

Here’s everything you need to know about installing a wall safe.

What is the Best Wall Safe?


There are many products in the market from which one can choose the deep wall safe. But as per the user reviews of Godrej, security solutions are the best brand in the market.

They are providing efficient products along with many other add-ons. The add-ons are like they are spacious and thicker products. They could be used easily and durable enough to survive in bad weather or earthquake.

Even these products have an exclusive lock that no one can easily unlock apart from the owner. The ratings and the stars on Amazon for Godrej products are quite good.

Therefore, selecting the best efficient product becomes very important if you have so many advantages of the same.

Are Our Wall Safes Secure?

Are our wall safes secure?

It is the only question that most users ask before purchasing a wall safe. And we always say that keeping your things safe inside the wall safe is the best option inside the house.

They can vet quickly place inside the wall or in the Wardrobe, and you can hide them easily. People are using them for various reasons to keep things safe.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to purchasing a wall safe, then there is no need to fear. The manufacturers are taking care of the products while manufacturing.

They are durable and efficient enough to keep your things safe for a long time once you purchase the same.

How Can I Hide My Wall Safe?

How can I hide my wall safe?

There is no tough challenge in hiding the wall safes inside the house in your wall. You can easily ask the seller to fit it inside the water over the corner of the closet.

Keeping it inside the Wardrobe at the edge of the cabinet is the best choice because it is the place that only you are a few people use.

No one will be able to think that you are going to hide inside a closet. Or you can hide it inside your all and protect it with the help of scenery or a picture. Scenery or a picture could help you to hide them precisely.

Even keep in your mind that you are placing it inside the wall in your room. It is because it is only the safest place in the house that is almost every time in front of your eyes.

Therefore, decide on the best position before keeping them inside the home.

How Do You Install a Wall Safe?

Have you purchased a perfect wall safe from the market? Then now it is time to install it in your house in the best place. You have to follow the elementary steps to keep the wall safe inside your home.

  • Figure out the correct size that you are going to purchase. It is the best option to know what the right size for buying the wall safe is.
  • Now the size depends on the area where you are going to get it installed.
  • We recommend choosing a place that is fire and theft-resistant. It means that there are fewer chances of facing these problems at that place.
  • You have to check the access control features that are whether you are going to get an eye-detector or a keypad lock.
  • Now, locate the studs of the wall safe to install them properly inside the wall. You can ask your seller to do it for you.
  • After choosing the studs, you have to mark with the help of a pencil.
  • Now use drywall and find a cut piece of Square from the wall where you want to insert the wall safe.
  • Now you have to check whether in that piece of space is there any electronic wiring or plumbing.
  • It is because we have to place a wall say where the place where there are no chances of having a plumbing or wearing area.
  • Now, after cutting that piece of the area, you have to place your wall safe inside the wall properly.
  • In the end, fix the studs properly inside the wall to keep it secure.

Finally, you have placed your wall safe inside the wall after following the procedure mentioned above. We hope that you get the best idea for keeping your wall safe inside your wall safely.


When you are thinking of ways to store your valuables, then a wall safe is the best option. Not just because it has maximum capacity but also it looks good and sophisticated too. So, go ahead and install one in your home today!

Installing a wall safe is not that hard but to make sure the installation is effective, you need the right tools. To get those, just head down to your nearest store and buy one that meets your security needs.

In addition to that, we have also assembled some safety tips for installing a safe at home. Have a look at them and be sure to follow all the necessary steps.


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