Top 5 Heavy Duty Portable Gun Safes For Home & Personal Security

Whenever danger arises, regardless of where you are, safety and self-protection is the primary concern.

To that effect, you may be required to always take your gun with you everywhere you go even while you travel.

Having your firearm close by you anytime and anywhere helps keep not just you safe, but everyone else close to you.

However, in taking your gun along with you wherever you go, you run the risk of getting your firearm stolen, if not properly secured.

That is the reason you need one of the best portable gun safe for the secured custody of your short gun and other valuables.

Selecting a portable gun safe for a car, home or office won’t be an easy choice to make, especially when you are entirely new to gun safes.

That is why you need to read a buyer’s guide like this. This guide is dedicated to those with any difficulty in making a gun safe choice.

Buying for yourself a portable gun safe ensures that your firearm is saved from prying eyes and scratchy fingers.

With it, you can be confident of the safety of your valuables when you leave them in your car.

However, in deciding which gun safe to buy, you will encounter these safes with a different variety of features and they come at different costs.

In this post, you will find all the guidance you need in making the finest choice.

Comparison Of Best Portable Gun Safe – In 2022

Image Product Name Features Price
Best Portable Safe Fortress Medium Portable Safe.
  • Brand: Fortress
  • Capacity:2 Pistol
  • Warranty:‎1 Year Standard
  • Lock: Electronic keypad, RFID lock with Key Fob and card
Best Lockbox For Guns And Valuables Hornady Lockbox For Guns And Valuables.
  • Brand: Hornady
  • Capacity:2 full-size handgun
  • Warranty: ‎Manufacturer warranty
  • Lock: Barrel Key Lock
Best Rapid Gun Safe hornady Rapid Gun Safe
  • Brand: Hornady
  • Capacity: Large
  • Warranty:‎ Manufacturer One Year Limited
  • Lock: RFID lock and barrel key lock
Best Handgun Security Safe RPNB Gun Safe,California DOJ Certified
  • Brand: RPNB
  • Capacity: Averagely large
  • Warranty:‎1-year warranty
  • Lock: RFID
Best Car Gun Safe Snapsafe Keyed Lock Box.
  • Brand: SnapSafe
  • Capacity: Large
  • Warranty:‎ Life warranty
  • Lock: Key
Best Portable Handgun Case Vaultek Lifepod Portable Handgun Case.
  • Brand: VAULTEK
  • Capacity: One handgun
  • Weight:‎1.45 Kilograms
  • Lock: built-in lock system
Best Portable Security Case Amazonbasics Portable Security Case.
  • Brand: AmazonBasics
  • Capacity: Large
  • Weight:‎ 3 Pounds
  • Lock: Combination Lock
Biometric Handgun Safe Vaultek Vt20i Biometric Handgun Safe.
    • Brand: VAULTEK
    • Capacity: One Full-Size Firearm
    • Weight: ‎3.2 Kilograms
    • Lock: Key


1. Fortress Medium Portable Safe

Best Personal Pistol Safe

Fortress has been a household brand in the manufacturing of quality gun safes, and the fortress medium portable safe is no exception.

This small portable gun safe is a super-strong safe built by Fortress just for your pistols. The storage capacity of the safe is enough for taking just two pistols.

Although, when the shelf is adjusted, about 6 guns can be stored in the safe.

Even though this safe appears to be very small, you can bank on it to deliver on the purpose of acquiring it.

The features of this gun safe are made to give adequate security to your valuables stored within.

Fortress Medium Portable Safe comes with an RFID lock having a Key Fob with a Self-Adhesive label and card for opening.

It also has an electronic lock that allows you to set a 4-digit personal security code. Setting up this electronic unit is very easy to do.

The security alarm of the safe is programmed to alert you whenever an incorrect code is entered.

You can use the Whisper Quiet feature to silence the sound of the keypad if you wish.

The interior of the safe is Foam Padded with removable shelves. You will find pre-drilled mounting holes that help you to fasten the safe to the ground.

Top Highlighted:

  • Stores 2 Pistols
  • Electronic Lock with 4-digit personal code
  • Pre-Drilled mounting holes
  • RFID Lock
  • Security Alarm
  • Removable Shelf
  • Whisper Quiet feature
  • Foam Padded interior
  • Back up Key included
  • 1 Year Standard Warranty

Good Sides:

  • Very Sturdy
  • Well-padded interior
  • Easy to program electronic keypad
  • Security Alarm

Bad Sides:

  • Slanted shelves
  • Small capacity

2. Hornady Lockbox For Guns And Valuables

Best Lockbox For Guns And Valuables

If you are looking for a portable handgun lock box that is solidly built for maximum security of your valuables, then the Hornady Security Lockbox is a top recommendation for you. It is next on our list of the best portable gun safe to buy.

The lockbox is built with 16-gauge steel, which according to the manufacturer is of better-quality to the 20-gauge steel used in the production of other safes.

The material of the safe makes it arguably the most powerfully-built and durable safe in the market.

Together with its tamper-proof construction and other security features of the safe prying, this safe open becomes a very difficult task.

The locking mechanism of the lock is a security barrel lock which is pry-resistant. There is a 3-foot steel security cable attached to this safe with a rating of 1500 Lbs.

This thick cable gives you the option of fastening the safe to any solid stationary object. It is coated to be rust-free.

The Hornady security lockbox is small, but when arranged properly you can store two handguns inside, with two magazines.

The patented cable receiver in the safe assist in giving you the maximum space you require for storage.

You will find quality protective foam inside the safe. The dense foam helps to keep your valuables scratch-free.

Top Highlighted:

  • Built with 16-gauge steel
  • Tamper-proof construction
  • A Top-quality protective foam interior
  • 3-foot security cable
  • 5.85 Pounds Weight
  • Barrel key lock

Good Sides:

  • Sturdily-Built and durable
  • Strong cable for attachment
  • Pry-proof barrel lock
  • Dense form to protect your guns

Bad Sides:

  • Low storage
  • Tricky key lock

3. Hornady Rapid Gun Safe

Best Rapid Gun Safe

Here is another portable gun safe with cable–the Hornady Rapid Gun Safe. This safe is manufactured using a thick and tamper-proof 14 gauge steel, and it is as solid as any gun safe produced by Hornady.

The safe is opened through an RFID or a digital lock using a four to six-digit security code.

There is, however, a secondary access method of a barrel key lock to grant you access to the safe whenever you run out of battery.

The RFID entry method is very fast and reliable; it can be activated using a key fob, wristband, or sticker. This unit can be run with both an AC power source and a battery.

To program the electronic keypad is quite an easy thing to do and can be done within 5 minutes. The lockbox on the other hand, is also simple to set up.

As a first-timer, ten minutes should be enough for you to get it all ready for use. As fast as the setup is, so is the opening of the safe.

This portable pistol safe affords you quick access to your gun in cases of an emergency.

Just like the Hornady Security Lockbox, this gun safe comes with a firm cable that can be attached to a solid stationary object.

Inside the Hornady Rapid Gun Safe, there are 2 internal hardened lock lugs.

Top Highlighted:

  • Certified child-resistant
  • Security cable included
  • Quick access
  • touch-free entry
  • RFID lock
  • Digital keypad
  • Barrel key lock
  • Heavy-duty, and tamper-proof construction
  • Mobile security
  • RFID wristband
  • RFID stickers
  • Manufacture one-year limited warranty

Good Sides:

  • CADOJ and ASTM-approved
  • Set up is simple and straightforward
  • Strong and Durable
  • Very fast access
  • Can be fastened in a vehicle
  • Powered with both battery and AC

Bad Sides:

  • Opens narrowly

4. Rpnb Gun Safe

Best Smart Pistol Safe

When you buy a gun safe, one of your major considerations is the security that the safe provides for your firearm.

If that is the case, you should consider buying the RPNB gun safe. This is among the best portable handgun safe you will find.

It offers you convenience, safety for your guns, and portability.

RPNB designed this gun safe to meet the TSA airline firearm guidelines for gun safes, meaning that it is suitable to be used while traveling.

Aside from your handguns and ammunition, you could also secure your cash, credit cards, passports, and even pieces of jewelry with this safe.

This portable gun safe is produced using 16-gauge steel, which is strong, durable, and non-fragile.

There are 3 distinct methods of accessing this safe; the RFID key fob, a 3-digit code lock, and the conventional key lock.

The key locks serve as an unswerving backup for access into your safe; it overrides both the digit password and RFID key fobs.

Attached to this gun safe is a cable that can be used in providing extra security. With the 36 inches security cable, you can fasten the safe to any solid stationary body to ensure pulling it away won’t be easy.

The interior has protective foams that keeps your gun and valuables free from scratches.

The storage capacity of the safe can house a full-scale pistol, including a magazine. So, it is considered to be averagely large.

Top Highlighted:

  • 3 Methods Of Entry
  • Fast & Dependable
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Backup Key Lock
  • Alkaline Batteries
  • Anti-Theft and Tamper Proof security
  • 36 Inches Security Cable
  • 16-Gauge Steel Construction
  • Meets TSA Requirements

Good Sides:

  • Solid and Secured
  • Fast and easy access into the safe
  • Long battery life
  • Floor bolts
  • Easy to program and set up
  • Meets TSA requirements

Bad Sides:

  • Security cable is a bit short at 36 Inches
  • Average storage capacity

5. Snapsafe Keyed Lock BoxBest Car Gun safe

The list of the portable gun safe with cable is joined by the SnapSafe Keyed Lock Box. This is one safe that serves multiple purposes.

You are at liberty to use the safe for the storage of your firearms or other valuables like passports, cash, media cards, jewelry, and even medications.

The safe is secured, meets the guidelines from the TSA airline firearm, and is approved by the California Department of Justice (CA DOJ) as a firearm storage safe.

This portable gun safe for cars can be used on any traveling trip. It is produced with 16 gauge steel; this means the box is strong, durable, and pry-resistance.

The thickness of the safe assures you that the safe is free from wobbling or any kind of deformation.

For further security of the safe, there is an added security cable rated 1500lb that is used for attachment to your car or any stationary body.

You will also find four thick foams inside the safe. These foams serve as protection to your valuables against scratches and damages.

As is common with the manufacturer – SnapSafe, this snap-safe keyed lockbox comes with a key-open locking feature.

The key lock is of premium quality and comes along with two keys. The safe opens and closes with ease. It is also designed to remain closed although it isn’t locked.

Top Highlighted:

  • Pry Resistant Construction
  • Made With 16 Gauge Steel
  • Meets TSA Airline Firearm Guidelines
  • Security Cables Rated 1500lb
  • Ca Doj Approved
  • 4 Thick Protective Foam
  • Product Lifetime Warranty

Good Sides:

  • Solid and Sturdy construction
  • Meets TSA guidelines
  • CA DOJ approved
  • large storage size

Bad Sides:

  • The security cable isn’t too strong
  • No-pre-drilled holes

6. Vaultek Lifepod Portable Handgun Case

Best Portable Handgun Case

In our review of the best portable gun safe, we came across a gun case that ticks some top boxes, this gun safe is the Vaultek LifePod Portable Handgun case.

The Vaultek LifePod gun case is unique in some ways from the other gun safes we have reviewed earlier.

This case is produced with superior hinges, and the absence of key lock mechanisms means that there is ample space to store your valuables.

Beyond being just a gun safe, the Vaultek LifePod is an ultimate travel companion. You can store just about any kind of value in the case, from your handgun to your phone, watches, documents, case, and more.

You can take the case with you anywhere, and be sure that it will live up to its expectation of safeguarding your items.

This case is designed to be Water Resistant, Dust Proof, Airtight, Lockable, and still light weighted. When placed in water, the Vaultek LifePod case floats.

Access to this gun safe is through an in-built lock system that is fast and secured. It also comes with a Touch activated keypad with a personalized 4 to 8-digit code.

The safe is power-driven by a 9V alkaline battery with a year battery life, under standard use. There is a 19” steel cable attached to the safe for additional security.

Top Highlighted:

  • Touch activated keypad
  • built-in lock system
  • Meets TSA Guidelines
  • Water-Resistant
  • Dust Proof
  • Portable case
  • Dual side compression latches
  • security cable

Good Sides:

  • Very solid
  • Small, and compact
  • lightweight
  • Easy to program
  • Affordable
  • waterproof and Dust resistant

Bad Sides:

  • Small

7. Amazonbasics Portable Security Case

Best Portable Security Case Lock

Here is a small portable gun safe that you would like to own. This is another multipurpose security safe that helps you safeguard your firearms and other essentials. It is the AmazonBasics portable security case.

Just like other gun safes, this safe secure your documents, cash, jewelry, and more impressively and confidently.

The makeup of the safe ensures that any thief attempting forced access will have a hard time doing that.

The AmazonBasics Portable Security Case is made in a compact design with anti-pry high-class steel.

The safe’s interior is padded with foam to give your valuables the protection it needs.

The California DOJ has certified this case as a firearm safety gadget. With a weight of 3 pounds, the AmazonBasics case is convenient for travels and can be kept in the home, car, or office.

The small size of the safe also makes it easy for you to store it discreetly. For transportation of an unloaded gun, the safe meets all the TSA guidelines.

This safe uses a zinc alloy combination as its lock mechanism. There is also a steel security cable that comes with the safe. This cable enables you to fix the safe to any solid object.

Top Highlighted:

  • Combination lock
  • 3 pounds in weight
  • California DOJ certified
  • foam-padded interior
  • Security cable
  • High-quality anti-pry steel
  • No Batteries Required

Good Sides:

  • Solidly-made
  • Convenient for travels
  • TSA approved
  • California DOJ certified
  • Security cable
  • Well-padded interior

Bad Sides:

  • Combination lock numbers are difficult to read
  • The lock mechanism is poorly done

8. Vaultek Vt20i Biometric Handgun Safe

VAULTEK VS20i Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe Pistol Safe with Auto-Open Lid and Rechargeable Battery (Alpine White)

The Vaultek VT20i is an excellent portable pistol safe for anyone who wants a sturdy safe with easy access. It is one of the gun safes with the most technological features.

It comes with a LED light within the safe to help you find your valuables even in the dark. The safe is accessed using the biometric scanner, which can store the IDs of a maximum of 20 users.

Interestingly, you can remotely unlock the safe for someone to access inside the safe in your absence.

The Bluetooth connection of the safe with the Vaultek app gives you an instant notification each time someone tries to open the safe.

This safe is made with 16-gauge steel, with interior hinges that are tamper-proof making it a tough safe. The Anti-pry bars help prevent any breaking into the safe using any tool.

On the outside, there are 2 point anti-impact latches that safeguard your firearms against destruction arising from a fall.

You can choose to screw the safe to a wall with the pre-drilled screws at the bottom or attach it to a stationary body using the accompanying security cable.

Top Highlighted:

  • Meets TSA Guidelines
  • steel security cable
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Vaultek app
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Backup key
  • Interior LED lights

Good Sides:

  • Meets TSA guidelines
  • quick access to your valuables
  • Internal LED light
  • Instant notification of attempted access
  • Enables remote with your smartphone

Bad Sides:

  • Unsteady fingerprint scanner
  • Fast battery drain because of Bluetooth technology

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Portable Gun Safe

Following numerous portable gun safe reviews, here are few things you should consider when deciding on the portable gun safe to buy.


Size generally comes to mind as the first thing to consider when making your choice of portable gun safe. You will want to go for a safe that can contain your current firearm collection.

If you have the intention of expanding your collection, then a safe with more space can do. Since what you intend to buy is a portable gun safe, decide on a safe that you can travel with and hide it confidentially.


A safe’s locking mechanism is a major consideration. There is a need to choose a safe that grants you fast and easy access to your firearms and other valuable possessions.

In addition to that, the locking mechanism should give your firearms adequate security against break-ins. There are generally three types of locks: electronic keypad, key, and biometric scanner.

These locking mechanisms have different power sources. An electronic keypad and biometric scanner use batteries and AC as the power source, while a key lock doesn’t.


How Do I Change The Code On My Portable Gun Safe?

How Do I Change The Code On My Portable Gun Safe

For a small portable gun safe that has a digit combination lock, you will be required to change the default code/password to a new one. Do to that, follow the steps below:

  • Keep your safe open
  • Click “zero”
  • On your keypad, press zero to the number of your digit combination. Three zero for three-digit code and four zero for four-digit code.
  • Next, press your new code and confirm it
  • When successfully activated, the safe will notify you by beeping

Final Verdict.

You have just gone through some of the Best Portable Gun Safe. All the gun safes reviewed here are top quality and are capable of giving you the security you require for your firearms. You can go ahead now and make your choice.


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