Secrets To Buy Custom Gun Safe Door Organizers

Are the best gun-safe door organizers good to buy? Yes, the best gun safe door organizers are considered as the Godsend gift for safe users.

Any safe owners who are thinking of purchasing gun safe than having the best gun safe door organizers will max out their gun safe and their safety.

I would like to quote a saying that will explain this situation. It is an old saying in the safe industry that “You should always buy double as big as you think you will need for your gun safe”.

Basically, the thing is that as you get older and older, you acquire a lot of stuff in your hand. Therefore, you need something, some place that you will want to put more stuff in your safe.

Gun Safe Door Organizers

If you wish to buy the best gun safe door organizers, then this is something you need right now. The possible solution you have is that add a door panel organizer to your collection.

Now the question is that most people get confused that What is a door panel organizer?

Actually, if you go through it carefully, it is really a simple concept. Basically, what you will do is hang a piece of fabric or cloth on the back of the fireboard of your gum safe.

You can hand it with clips. The moment you will hang it, instantly, you will see an additional storage space.

Many things, like handguns, vital documents, knives, and other small valuables like passports, cash can be stored on the door.

However, what does you need to know is that not all gun-safe organizers are created equally? In simple words, the size matters, quality, spacious and more material; in this way, it differs.

What Are The Benefits Of Gun Safe Organizers?

Yes, there is no doubt that acquiring a gun is a huge responsibility. As an owner, you need to make sure that your loved ones must stay safe around the weapon.

Yet, there are certain benefits of buying a gun safe. The first one is keeping your family and loved ones safe. This is the significant benefit of having a gun-safe organizer.

You will not keep bullets here and there. You will have a special place in your home for your bullets.

It will ultimately protect your children. The other benefit of a gun-safe organizer is that it will prevent gun theft. If anyone who is breaking into your house will also need to access your gun safe.

Guns are precious, and that is why they are the perfect target for robbery. At this time, you need an organizer to keep things in place.

You also need to protect your belongings, especially in the event of a fire. With a gun-safe organizer, there is definitely no need to worry about dropping your gun accessories or other values.

Usually, if you are using a gun-safe organizer, then they are made in a way that they are able to hold up against high temperatures.

Comparison Of Honeywell Gun Safes – In 2022

Image Product Name Features Price
Best Door Organizer Retrofit Kit American Security Model 13 Premium Door Organizer Retrofit Kit
  • Weight:2.55 Pounds
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Alarm:‎Anti-theft
  • Dimensions:‎3 x 13 x 49 inches
Best Mechanical Lock Winchester Bandit 10 2017 Model
  • Weight:3 Pounds
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Alarm:‎Anti-theft
  • Dimensions:‎3 x 19 x 49 inches
Best Safe Organizer Small Stack-On SPAO-148-18 Safe Organizer Small
  • Weight:0.80 ounces
  • Material: Mesh pocket
  • Lock Type:‎key
  • Dimensions:‎9.6 x 9 x 1.4 inches
Best Hanging Closet Door Organizer EXPLORER LB1 Police Style Hanging Closet Door Organizer
  • Weight:‎2.7 pounds
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Warranty:‎ 1-year
  • Dimensions:‎52 x 11 x 3 inches
Honeywell Safes and Door Locks 5107 Liberty Safe Gun Safe Accessory Door Panel Size
  • Weight:‎‎5 Pounds
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Warranty:‎ 1-year
  • Dimensions:‎17.5 x 48.25 x 5 inches

1. American Security Model 13 Premium Door Organizer Retrofit Kit

Best Door Organizer Retrofit Kit


If you are looking for gun safe brands to avoid, then there are many brands that you can look for. You can also look for various see-through pouches for the gun safe.

If you prefer zippered pockets in a gun safe, you can also look at that to store valuables. In this gun-safe organizer, you will encounter two rows of holders.

These holders are for the storage of choke tubes. You can also store small flashlights and ammo.

There are also two full-width pistol storage systems in the gun safe. It is primarily to accommodate multiple handguns.

When we got the license, then there are high chances that we take multiple guns. This door organizer comes with two holsters.

There is an additional holster, and you can also purchase it separately.

It comes with a long gun storage system. With the help of this system, you can also accommodate two guns.

It also includes the AMSEC exclusive, and it comes with a “no-hassle” quick release band. There are also adjustable door panel widths.

The size ranges from 14-3/4 inches w to 18 inches. As for its door panel heights, it is 48-1/2 inches. It is highly vital to measure the inside of your gun safely.

You can also measure the door panel from side to side. It will also assist you in deciding the proper size needed.

Suppose you could clear off the shelves of your gun safe and have more room for those items. Such items genuinely need to be on the shelf.

However, here is the good news that this stunning door panel will help you in keeping your items safe. it is a great

Good Sides:

  • It is equipped with 2 pistol holsters.
  • There is space for more long guns.
  • You can also see the Zip Pockets, Choke Tube Holders.
  • The door panel is made of very high-quality material.
  • There are three sizes available.

Bad Sides:

  • The door clips were too small.

2. American Security Model 19

Best Mechanical Lock

If you are looking for a gun cabinet with shelves, then this door organizer is best for you. Imagine a situation where you are at the point of frustration.

The reason is that all of your ammo boxes, your precious accessories are unorganized. Besides, the vital aspect is that your handguns, rifles are sitting in a messy pile in the bottom of your precious gun safe.

It is a mess if you do not solve it, and it will keep on stacking. Therefore, it is vital to have a door organizer model kit for your home.

This is the only answer to your problem. After buying this door organizer, you can easily attach it to the inside door panel.

You can use this panel organizer for any gun safe. It also includes different mounting brackets for steel or drywall door panels.

It also comes with adjustable velcro straps. This stunning door organizer features two rows of holders. It is mainly for the storage of choke tubes and comes with small flashlights.

The ammo plus various see-through pouches and zippered pockets are also available to store valuables.

In this door organizer, two full-width pistol storage systems are primarily to accommodate multiple handguns.

In this door, organizer also comes with four holsters. Additionally, you cal also purchase holsters separately.

After buying this door organizer, you will see a long gun storage system that also accommodates two guns.

There is also an exclusive “no hassle” quick release band in the door organizer.

One thing that you need to make sure of is that you always check the inside clearance, especially before closing the door.

Good Sides:

  • There are various see-through pouches in the door organizer.
  • Zippered pockets are also available to store valuables.
  • It comes with two rows of holders for the storage of choke tubes.
  • There are two full-width pistol storage systems.
  • It is a long gun storage system that accommodates two guns

Bad Sides:

  • If planning to Mount long guns, then it will take away the majority of your pockets/pouches.

3. Stack-On SPAO-148-18 Safe Organizer Small

Best Safe Organizer Small

Check Price On Amazon

Stack-on is known as the best gun safe manufacturer. The reasons are plain as this brand offers a fabric door organizer that is the soundest way to store your handguns, rifles, valuables.

This fabric door organizer is mainly designed for the usability of the user. This stunning fabric door organizer also provides excellent comfort for all gun enthusiasts.

The best thing about this brand is that the stack-on fabric door organizer does not sacrifice cost for quality. It is a great stack-on gun cabinet.

After buying this excellent stack-on cabinet door organizer, you will see that it is approved by the California department of justice.

It means that this fabric door organizer is meeting its standards for safely storing firearms. With the help of this fabric door organizer, you can easily convert areas to shelving.

In this manner, you can also store ammo, pistols, or other items like cash and passports. In this stunning gun organizer, there is also a 3-point locking system. This locking system comes with a key-coded cylinder lock.

This stunning fabric door organizer also includes adjustable barrel rests. These barrel rests are also extended to accommodate your guns.

There is also an added depth in the fabric door organizer, and it is needed to store tactical weapons. This stunning stack-on fabric door organizer also builds gun cabinets.

You can also look for stack-on gun safes purposefully. They are basically striving to provide exceptional value. It also comes with a wide array of features, possibilities, and flexibility.

The product weight is approximately is 0.62 and the product length is 1.5 inches. The accessory type of this organizer is a small fabric organizer.

The application and usage of this organizer is that you can install it inside a gun safe.

Good Sides:

  • You can easily convert areas to shelving.
  • Easy for storing ammo, pistols, or other items like passports and cash.
  • It comes with a 3-point locking system.
  • Includes adjustable barrel rests to accommodate the added depth.
  • It is mainly needed to store tactical weapons.

Bad Sides:

  • Sometimes it does not stick at all.

4. EXPLORER LB1 Police Style Hanging Closet Door Organizer

EXPLORER LB1 Police Style Hanging Closet Door Organizer

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If you have the best gun safe under $500 then you preferably need a door organizer. Door organizers are now a need, and all of those who have guns in their homes definitely need a door organizer.

There are many perks of having a door organizer. If you are looking for a great door organizer, then you do not need to go anywhere.

It is a great and perfect locker door organizer. It is mainly equipped with multiple magnets.

These magnets will help in securing your organized items and goods. You can place items at the locker door along with hanging hooks.

These hooks are also compatible with any standard 12 inches wide locker.

It also features a mirror in the pocket. To be precise, there are nine pockets of different sizes in the door organizer.

Not just this, there are also large bottom pockets. These large pockets are mainly for keeping your shoes, dirty towels, or laundry in a place.

The bottom bag of the door organizer also features a removable inner lining. In this way, you can keep your dirty shoes or laundry and, above all making it quick and easy to remove your items.

It would also help in cleaning or disposing of everything. Also, this stunning door organizer comes with a detachable locker hook.

You can also hang items from the ventilation of your locker. It is mainly for easy hang for your security belt etc.

The door organizer is made of heavy-duty 600D polyester. In this way, it assures us that it is a robust door organizer. This door organizer also cleans easily and even much better than nylon.

Thes best thing is that it will also last for years of service. You can also use this door organizer for every door in each home.

There are high chances that the inside of this door organizer, also an under-sink cabinet, isn’t exactly the tidiest part of the kitchen.

After all, it is also a challenge to keep sponges, scrubbers, gloves, and even brushes neat and organized.

Good Sides:

  • This door organizer has 9 pockets of varying sizes.
  • The organizer hangs over the cabinet door.
  • It is made to last from durable stain-resistant.
  • The organizer measures versatility.
  • It will also hold all of your most-used cleaning tools.

Bad Sides:

  • There are no magnets to hang the bag inside my locker.

5. Liberty Safe Gun Safe Accessory Door Panel Size

Liberty Safe Gun Safe Accessory Door Panel Size

Check Price On Amazon

In case you are already having the best large gun safe, then this door panel will help you in keeping your valuable secure.

All you need to do is simply attach this attractive holster system inside the door panel of the gun safe. It will give you the expansion of storage capacity. It will also maximize shelf space.

It is a genuine liberty safe accessory, and it also fits in different sizes like 20, 23, 24, 25 Liberty Safes.

This stunning door panel organizer has six pistol pockets. It will also make your firearms easy to reach.

It comes with expandable slots, especially for storage. You can keep your knives, tubes, and other accessories securely. It is a remarkable and stunning pocket document protector.

It will also contain documents that are up to 50 degrees cooler in a fire. It comes with an easy clip system. This system comes with velcro straps.

It is mainly for easy installation in your size 24 Liberty Safe. This stunning door panel organizer also contains many holsters and pockets.

This extra pocket will provide you with added storage space. It will also keep your hand guns and documents neatly and organized within safe.

Whenever you receive the package, it will include all the necessary hardware that is for mounting the panel to the door.

Liberty safes are known as full-size residential safe that are present in the U.S. High-quality and innovative products offering is their motto.

This door panel organizer comes with superior fire protection, technologically advanced security, and exquisite styling and functional storage capacity.

When you search for a, then you can look for Liberty best single rifle safe because of the quality and reliability.

Good Sides:

  • Expand storage capacity by having this door panel organizer.
  • It will also maximize your shelf space.
  • There are six pistol pockets in the organizer.
  • It will also make your firearms easy to reach.
  • This is a remarkable document protector.
  • This organizer contains numerous holsters.

Bad Sides:

  • This accessory panel did not fit the 14 gun liberty safe.

Gun Safe Door Organizers: An In-depth Buying Guide


The primary purpose of any gun safe is to mainly store your guns. Yes, keeping them secure and safe is one thing.

There is one thing that every safe gun lack is a good organizational structure.

You need to remember one thing that is your guns and firearms are not toys. These guns should be treated in a good way and stored in an orderly manner. Many times, clutter can lead to a hazardous situation.

For example, you do not want any of your guns or firearm getting scratched. The worst-case scenario is accidental firing.

That is mainly because you did not take steps on basic gun safety.

No More Wasting

I know that most of the weekends are the only time of the week where you may have for recreation. Therefore, at the time of the weekend, do not waste it on finding any of your guns or rifles.

Trust me, it will ultimately ruin your day or take up your precious time. In addition, it will be more of a waste of time buying another gun safe.

Even if you have to store those extra guns that you acquire, saving time is needed. In this situation, a gun-safe door organizer might come in handy.


 One of the major things that are vital is the durability of a gun sage organizer. A gun safe organizer will play a massive part in ensuring and guaranteed that you are allowed to store items.

If you have heavier items like big rifles and guns, then you need an inside of the various pockets. There comes the part of ensuring to have a durable gun safe organizer.

It is incredibly essential to ensure that these pockets of your gun safe organizer do not rip or even tear.

To avoid this, you need to have a considerable benefit for storing multiple heavy items.


The size is another major concern of a gun safe organizer. To have a gun safe organizer, you need to first measure your gun safe.

It depends on the size of your gun safe, then you can look for the gun safe organizer.

There is one thing you need to is and you will also need to determine the correct size of the organizer.

Instead of buying a small or large gun safe organizer for your gun safe, measure it first.

Many of these gun safe brands will definitely fit on other safes as well. However, they have been primarily designed for their respective brands.

Storage Space 

This one feature of a gun safe organizer goes hand in hand with another feature that is size. It is somewhere that you could look to cut some expenses.

Basically, it is pointless to have a gun safe organizer that has multiple pockets. Especially if you only plan on collecting a few small items.


If you notice, then many of these gun safe door organizers can simply be mounted. Usually, these gun safe organizers do not require you to use specific tools.

However, there are also other guns safe organizer will also need you to drill holes.

Yes, I know that this could be a little time-consuming and it will ultimately make the mounting process longer.

FAQ About Gun Safe Door Organizers

Are Gun Safe Accessories Universal?

If you notice, then many of the gun-safe accessories can be used in any gun safe. It depends and varies from brand to brief, but these accessories are universal most of the time.

Do I Need Gun Safe Accessories?

No, there is no hard and fast rule that you have to have gun safe accessories. If you are willing and want to buy your gun safe at first, then slowly add value to it.

There is no need to buy everything altogether, and it will work as well. Yes, there is no hidden fact that accessories will just make your safe even better. It is even more usable for different reasons.

Why Should I Buy A Gun Safe Door Organizer?

It is vital to buy a gun safe door organizer. There are reasons for it, the first one is that it will keep your bullet safe, if want to keep a smaller thing like passport, documents and cash even then you can place it.

Does The Organizer Velcro Hold Heavy Items?

Yes, VELCRO is a brand that gives heavy products. It also holds more power than other standard strength hooks; it is excellent. These products are also able to hold up to 1 lb per square inch up to 10 lbs.

What Is The Perfect Size Should I Buy?

The perfect size of a gun safe door organizer is 8.7 inches to 11.8 inches. 

Do They Offer Fire Protection?

Yes, a gun-safe door organizer offers fire protection.

Final Verdict

At the end of these best gun safe door organizers, one thing is for sure that it will simply give you more storage space. These gun-safe organizers are pretty affordable.

These organizers also bring about value for your money. With such organizers, many gun owners are also given the freedom to store particular stuff.

They can put their things in their pockets or even in pouches to avoid decluttering.

Hi, my name is Robert Blair. I’m the chief editor of Best Safes Ever. Again I'm a home and gun safe expert in New Jersey. I worked under champion safecracker Jeff Sitar for many years and learned practically a lot about safes and how to crack them. I am still examining and researching daily different kinds of safes to help our clients as a physical security specialist.