Best Fireproof Gun Safe In 2022 Buying Guide and Reviews

Ironically, most gun owners don’t see the need for adequate safety and security for their firearms. Some owners who care about providing a safe for their guns do not go the extra mile to ensure that these safes are fireproof.

However, considering that a building fire occurs in the US at least once every minute makes you want to think about fireproof safes for your gun.

Investing in the best fireproof gun safe increases your chances of securing your firearms. Also, your fireproof safe can house other valuables aside from your gun. Your ammunition, money, and even vital documents can be stored in this safe, too.

In the bid to purchase a fireproof gun safe, you will come across some gun safe that has been labeled fireproof by the manufacturers, but in reality, these gun safes don’t have the standard fireproof rating.

As a result, this review comes to your rescue. Going through this guide, you are certain to avoid purchasing fireproof guns safe that won’t give you value for your money.

Top 7 Best Fireproof Gun Safe Reviews In 2022

With the number of gun safe in the market today, deciding which gun safe to go for may be challenging. You will need the guide contained in this article.

In this piece, we have taken time to analyze some good and cheap fire-resistant gun safes available in the market. Listed below are these top best.

Included in this article also is a buyer’s guide that informs you of the vital things to consider as you make your fireproof gun safe choice.

Remember that your ultimate decision will be based on your preference, gun size and number, and space in your home or office. Hopefully, you find the right fireproof gun safe for you with the help of this guide.


Best Fireproof Fire Vault Rifle Gun Safe with Keypad Lock

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One fireproof gun cabinet safe that is growing in popularity among gun owners is the Mesa Safe MBF6032E unit. This gun safe offers gun owners top-quality, fireproof safety, and budget-friendly.

For a gun owner who is on a tight budget, the mesa safe MBF6032E is a top-of-the-list option for you. Regardless of the low price of this safe, it still maintains top quality so much as to be ranked on our top 7 best fireproof guns safe.

Also, this safe comes with enough room to house not just your weapons, but your other valuable items.

The Mesa Safe MBF6032E is manufactured in the United States by the Mesa Safe Company. It is built with steel, has a net weight of 860 lbs, and a capacity of 14.4 Cubic Feet.

The fire rating of this safe is 1 hour of fire protection at 1750 degrees Fahrenheit. The water endurance level of the safe was not specified.

With the weight of this safe monster, no one will attempt running away with your safe. To further ensure maximum safety of this safe, there are holes pre-drilled by the manufacturer to enable you to bolt your safe to the floor of your room.

In addition to the weight and the bolt-down option, this Mesa safe comes with a digital lock protected with a strong steel plate. The steel plate protects the locking mechanism against any attempt to drill through.

The safe’s digital lock is battery operated; it also has a punch-activated spring-loaded re-locking device. In the case where the battery of the electronic lock is dead or the keypad fails, there are alternative keys that ensure you can open your safe.

The manufacturer did not include a door organizer; however, you are at liberty to get one for yourself anytime. When you want to move the safe, the door can be taken off to lessen the entire weight of the safe.

The storage capacity of the mesa MBF6032E can take as much as 30 rifles. In fitting in these guns, you might want to store 15 to 20 rifles along with some short guns and your other valuable materials.

The interior is designed to allow you to remove some shelves to accommodate your guns and valuables.

Top Highlighted:

  • Four predrilled anchor holes at the bottom
  • 1-hour fire protection at 1750˚F
  • Construction thickness of 1 ½ inch
  • 860 pounds weights
  • Nine 1 ½ inches live locking bolts
  • Digital keypad and backup keys
  • The product dimensions of 22 x 32 x 59 inches
  • Multiple shelves and interior carpeted with grey fabric
  • Battery operated electronic lock
  • Color Black

Good Sides:

  • Built to withstand from 2 story fall
  • Fire protection
  • Can take up to 30 rifles
  • Adjustable interior to accommodate your other valuables
  • To reduce the weight of the safe, you can remove the door
  • Can be fitted to the floor

Bad Sides:

  • No biometric locks
  • No specified waterproof rating
  • Limited lifetime warranty


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The Fortress 8-gun fireproof safe is arguably the best fireproof gun safe for the money. When in search of affordability and high functionality, this fireproof gun safe is a top recommendation.

It is small, has no-frills, yet can save you lots of money. With a UL fireproof rating of 30 minutes at 1200F, your firearms are secured in this safe.

You will certainly not get too many brands that will match the value offered by Fortress on this safe for the money.

When placed side by side with other safes from top brands, the Fortress 8-gun fireproof safe will give an excellent account of itself.

The Steel construction fireproof gun cabinet safe is built with a very nice grey upholstery interior with an external Lever Handle. This small safe can house 14 guns (both rifles and handguns).

The adjustable shelves allow you to set the interior the way you seem to fit. Also, you can adjust the shelf to create more room for other valuables aside from your guns.

The more shelves you make use of, the less space/room you have for your firearms. Whichever way you choose to arrange your shelves, you are sure to never be wrong.

The external hinges on the door allow for a 180-degree opening. This implies that you can have full access to this safe.

In building this safe, Fortress ensured that petty thieves will not be able to gain easy access to it with the inclusion of 3x active locking bolts, 2 deadbolts, and the company’s Patented Notch Bolt.

The lock is an electronic keypad that uses a 9V battery. There are two drilled holes on the safe floor which allows you to bolt the safe to your room’s floor to increase security.

The manufacturers of the Fortress 8-gun fireproof safe provided a lifetime attack warranty, 2-year lock warranty, and a 5-year product warranty.

It is important to note, however, that the warranty covers only the safe, not including the content of the safe. You will have to ensure your guns and other valuables in the safe separately.

Top Highlighted:

  • Fireproof rating of 30-minute fire rating at 1200F
  • Size capacity of 14-Gun
  • Black Color
  • Package Weight of ‎134.26 Kilograms
  • Built with 8-inches steel bolts
  • External hinges allow for 180-degree opening
  • Gray Convertible Interior
  • One inch thick and recessed door
  • 3x active locking bolts, 2 deadbolts, and a Patented Notch Bolt

Good Sides:

  • Affordable
  • Good fire and break-in security
  • A number of shelves can be rearranged in several ways
  • Open with keypad or automated dial
  • Can be fitted to the floor

Bad Sides:

  • Low Fireproof rating
  • Warranty is only for the safe
  • No waterproof rating
  • No interior lights

3. Barska New Fireproof Fire Vault

Fireproof Fire Vault Gun Safe

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From tons of fireproof gun safe reviews, the Barska New Fireproof fire-safe leads the category for spacious gun safes.

This fireproof safe is nice looking, well organized, and has a very good fireproof rating of 1 hour at 1200°F.

Aside from its all-steel construction, one of the other best parts of the Barska New Fireproof fire safe is its interior storage.

You can store up to 45 rifles comfortably in this safe using the removable position rack. So, if you have a large arsenal, you should consider getting this safe for yourself.

Most gun safes are not best known for good looks, but this fireproof gun safe stands out for its excellent looks and great organization. The interior upholstery is impressive and expertly placed.

The door organizer is equally designed with a touch of class. Beyond being just for mere design, the upholstery helps prevent scratches or damage to your guns or valuables inside the safe.

To further accommodate your firearms, the door is built with lots of handguns and ammo storage slots.

As a fireproof gun safe, there are certain safety and security measures put in place by the manufacturers – Barska. The safe comes with an electronic keypad lock, which uses a 9V battery to operate (this is included at purchase).

This digital lock feature has a warning signal in cases of a low battery. There is also a lockout mode, which is active in the event where the lock code is incorrectly entered multiple times.

You can utilize the two back-up keys to gain secondary access to your Barska Fire Vault Safe.

Not to worry about thieves gaining access into your safe, the solid steel six deadbolt lock mechanism makes sure your valuables are much secured.

The Barska New Fireproof fire-safe, however, comes with no provision for internal lighting or a dehumidifier to be installed.

This means that owners will have to purchase a rechargeable dehumidifier, which will require adequate and ongoing maintenance.

Top Highlighted:

  • 1 Hour Fireproof rating at 1,200F
  • CA DOJ Approved
  • Fitted with six solid-steel fastening bolts
  • Electronic lock with a 9V battery
  • Removable shelves
  • Storage capacity of 45 rifles
  • Low Battery notification
  • set of back-up keys for emergency situations
  • Removable position rack
  • Black Color
  • Built with Alloy Steel Material
  • Keycode Memory Features

Good Sides:

  • Large storage capacity
  • CA DOJ Approved
  • Low Battery signal
  • Great interior and well organized
  • Extra storage space on the door

Bad Sides:

  • Average fireproof rating
  • No interior lights
  • No Warranty

4. Steelwater Gun Safes Amsws-610EL

Best Fireproof Office and Document safe

Steelwater has built an excellent reputation as a brand in gun-safe production, thanks to its amazing products over the years. Little wonder this masterpiece from them finds its way into our top 7 best fireproof guns safe.

The Steelwater gun safes AMSWS-610EL is a trademark product from Steelwater which is designed essentially for the housing of medium-sized pistols, firearm ammunition, cash, gold, and valuable documents.

This is a great gun safe and can guarantee a truly premium safety for your guns with its strong safety features and a very high fireproof rating.

Establishing itself as one of the best fire resistant gun safe, the Steelwater gun safes AMSWS-610EL has a fireproof rating of 2 hours at 1850°F. This fire rating stands it out among other fireproof guns safe.

Given that you will rarely encounter any residential house fires burn more than 1500°F, you can trust this safe with any of your valuables.

Together with its high fireproof rating, this safe is built with safety features that are slightly above average.

Even though there are chances that experienced and determined thieves can break into any safe, this safe makes it difficult for them to do so. The safe is locked with a combination of 2x 1″ chrome-plated live locking bolts and 2x 1″ inactive locking bolts.

It comes with an electronic keypad, which is power driven by a set of AA alkaline batteries (4). There are also a total of four re-programmable number combinations (from 4 to 16) on the lock.

The door of the safe is 4″ thick, and you can bolt the safe to the floor if you so desire.

Even though the interior of this safe isn’t upholstered, you still have a nice interior. The safe has a nice solid shelf that is adjustable, a removable platter found at the top of the safe, and a pre-drilled 1/2″ diameter anchor hole.

It’s your choice to keep your guns on one part and your ammo on the other part or have them put together by removing the shelf.

Top Highlighted:

  • Fireproof rating of 2 Hour at 1850°F
  • Electronic keypad
  • Four Reprogrammable number arrangements
  • Non-volatile memory
  • 2 Sheets of steel (for the inner walls and the door)
  • External battery compartment
  • 4 AA alkaline batteries
  • 4″ Thick Composite Door
  • Grey/Green Metallic Door with Dark Grey Metallic
  • Steel and Fireproof Material

Good Sides:

  • Best Brand
  • Great Fireproof Rating
  • Decent Security Features

Bad Sides:

  • Low storage capacity
  • Not budget-friendly
  • No Warranty

5. Sentrysafe Sfw082ctb Fireproof And Waterproof Safe

Best Fireproof And Waterproof SentrySafe

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If you require a fireproof and waterproof gun safe, look no further. The Sentrysafe SFW082CTB fits your expectation and is very much within reach.

The dynamic, fireproof and waterproof safe is affordable, small, and serves a good purpose for the storage of pistols. With its portable size, it is convenient for your home or office.

The SFW082CTB has a UL Classified fireproof rating of 60 minutes at 1700°F – equal to what is obtainable with larger rifle safes, which makes it your best option for short gun storage. In buying this safe, you are sure to get value for your money.

Besides being very affordable, the manufacturers of this safe made the security of the safe and its content a top priority.

The safe has a locking mechanism and overall security checks which guard the safe against any break-in attempts by thieves. One of the safe’s unique features in this regard is the Dial Combination Lock.

Sentrysafe built this safe with factory-set combination locks which don’t require batteries to function.

These Mechanical dial locks are very safe and ensure you have unlimited access to your valuables without having to be anxious about the battery life of your lock. The safe is also made of a pry-resistant pivot bar that reinforces the door.

This reinforcement, with an additional 3 large live locking bolts, provides adequate security against any forced entry. You can also bolt down this safe to the floor to avoid it being carried away easily by thieves.

Although the interior of the SFW082CTB safe isn’t as classy as you could expect, it offers a level of organization in your safe.

The tray inside the safe can be adjusted to any height and allows you to arrange your guns and valuables the way it is easy to find.

Unlike other fireproof gun safes that put your firearms and valuable in danger of being damaged when exposed to water; the SFW082CTB gun safe has Verified Waterproof protection for 24 hours.

When submerged in up to 5 inches of water, your valuables inside this safe will still be protected for as long as a day. This implies that the safe gives you peace of mind, either in event of a fire incident or water flooding.

Top Highlighted:

  • Fireproof rating of 1 Hour at 1700°F
  • 24 Hours Waterproof
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty
  • Item Weight 77 pounds
  • Dial Combination
  • Steel Material
  • No Batteries Required
  • No Secondary Locking Key
  • No Interior Light

Good Sides:

  • 24 Hours Waterproof
  • No Required Batteries for lock operation
  • Dial Combination
  • Affordable
  • High-level fire rating
  • Key Rack

Bad Sides:

  • No Interior Light
  • Only for pistols
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Poor interior

6. Sentrysafe Ef4738e Fireproof And Waterproof Safe.

Best Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad

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The Sentrysafe EF4738E is another fireproof and waterproof gun safe manufactured by Sentrysafe Inc. This is a bigger version of the SFW082CTB safe (the pistol-size safe) and comes at a somewhat higher price.

However, like the SFW082CTB safe, the Sentrysafe EF4738E assures you of the safety of your firearms, ammo, money, and valuable documents inside the side.

Sentrysafe EF4738E has an ELT Verified fireproof rating of 30 minutes at 1400°F. Although the fireproof rating appears lower than the SFW082CTB safe, it doesn’t make it a terrible choice.

This mid-sized model from Sentrysafe keeps your guns and irreplaceable documents safe during sudden fire incidents.

Along with the fire protection, this safe is also ETL Verified Waterproof for a solid 72 hours. So your pistols and documents are well protected whilst in water up to 12 inches deep.

For the security of your safe, Sentrysafe Inc designed this safe with a programmable digital lock, which allows you to set a personal digital combination safe.

The electronic lock requires 2 AA batteries to operate, and the easy-to-access battery compartment ensures that you can change the batteries easily.

This safe makes provision for two backup keys. In the event where the digital keypad is burned up during a fire incident, you can utilize the backup keys to gain access to your safe.

The safe also has fire safety features, 5 live locking bolts, and 4 deadbolts to guide against any break-in attempt by thieves. It is built with solid steel construction, a thick door, and a bolt down option, all for advanced and reliable protection.

Another clear distinction between this model and the SFW082CTB is the interior. The interior of the Sentrysafe EF4738E is fancier and has a carpeted floor which aids in protecting your valuables from scratches and damages.

3 shelves are found inside the safe that help you organize your items.

Top Highlighted:

  • Fireproof rating of 30 minutes at 1400°F
  • 24 Hours Waterproof
  • Item Weight of ‎167.2 pounds
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 2 AA batteries operated
  • Black Color
  • Electronic lock

Good Sides:

  • 24 Hours Waterproof
  • Easy-to-access battery compartment
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Affordable
  • Thick
  • Two backup keys
  • Carpeted interior

Bad Sides:

  • No Interior Light
  • Lower-level fire rating
  • Limited lifetime warranty

7. Stack-on A-64-mb-e-s-72 Armorguard

Best Gun Safe with Electronic Lock

You will find the Stack-On A-64-MB-E-S-72 Armorguard among the list of cheap fireproof gun safe. As budget-friendly as it is, this fireproof safe comes with a significant amount of space to house your arsenal.

The storage capacity of the safe can house 64 guns, or your guns combined with other valuable equipment.

This large capacity safe has a fireproof rating verified by an independent lab and is rated at 30 minutes at 1400° F. The safe, which is1.5 ft tall, has a carpeted interior that helps guarantee the protection of your guns inside the safe.

The interior also has adjustable shelves that allow you to convert the safe to any combination of choice. To further give room for your short guns or additional ammo, the door comes with a storage arrangement.

The safe is built with steel material and has a reinforced steel door comprising fire retardant materials. When exposed to heat, the door seals itself, thereby protecting its content.

Access to this safe is through an electronic keypad, which requires an alkaline battery to operate. However, when the battery fails, there is a backup key to grant you access to your safe.

Top Highlighted:

  • Fireproof rating of 30 minutes at 1400°F
  • Item Weight of 738 pounds
  • Product Dimensions of 37.5 x 19 x 69 inches
  • Black Color
  • Alkaline Battery Cell
  • Bolt down hardware
  • Backup key
  • Electronic keypad

Good Sides:

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Good Fireproof Rating
  • Large capacity
  • Backup key

Bad Sides:

  • Limited Warranty
  • Not waterproof

Independent Gun Safe Fireproof Rating

In deciding on the fireproof gun cabinet safe to buy, one of the first things to consider is the fireproof rating. Regardless of how the manufacturers advertise the safe, you will need to confirm that the fireproof rating of the safe is done by an independent company.

Underwriters Laboratory (UL) is the leading company in terms of independent fireproof ratings.

Underwriters Laboratory’s rating for safe is done for the time the safe offers resistance to fire and at what degree of heat.

Considering that the degree of heat of a house fire is usually between 1550°F and 1850°F, it is recommended that you go for an average fire rating of 30 minutes at 1400°F.


The storage capacity of the gun safe is another thing to consider. You will need to go for a gun safe that can house your type of gun and other valuables.

Manufacturers advertise gun safes according to their capacity to enable you to make a definite choice. There are generally three sizes of safes to choose from when buying a gun safe.

The smallest gun safe is the one made just for pistol-only, and then the next size is ones for your handguns. The regular rifle safe is the last size. Be sure to choose a gun safe that can comfortably take your firearms and other valuables.

#Type of Lock

Your fireproof gun safe will either be made with a key lock, an electronic keypad, or combination codes. Subject to your preference, you can make a choice of the type of lock to go with.

While the electronic keypad is a pleasant touch and is more popular these days, it requires batteries to operate.

This could mean more expenses in the purchase of batteries and extra maintenance. The combination codes and the key lock do not require any battery.

Another key component regarding your lock is selecting a safe with sets of backup keys. These backup keys become handy in the event where the digital keypads fail or low battery.


While the size, lock, and fire-resistant rating are important, the interior of the safe should be considered important to you as well. Most fireproof safes have an upholstered interior, which makes it look classy and nice.

Also, the upholstered interior helps keep your valuables free from damages within the safe. Other interior features to consider are detachable shelves and door organizers with pouches to accommodate your handguns and ammo.


What Is Underwriters Laboratories (Ul)?

The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a premier independent fireproof regulatory company. This company gives standard certification and fireproof ratings for safety equipment, including home fire extinguishers, fireproof safes, and fire-resistant bags.

What Gun Safe Fire Rating Is Good?

First, fireproof safe in its actual sense may not be achievable. All the best safe can do now is to provide fire-resistant for some time.

That being said, the average fireproof rating that should be considered good enough for a gun safe is 30 minutes at 1300°F. This is because most domestic fire incidents burn with the heat of around 1550°F to 1850°F.

Final Verdict

Picking out a specific gun safe to be the best fireproof gun safe may be a tough assignment to do. Your preferred fireproof gun safe should be chosen based on your need, space, firearm, and budget.

Thanks to this and other fireproof gun safe reviews, you can make your decision on which gun safe to buy based on some facts.


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