Cheap Gun Safes – A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right One For Your Needs

Have you owned a gun? There are a lot of responsibilities that come with the time when anyone owns a gun for the safety of themselves and their belongings. The responsibility is to keep secure your gun and its legal documents. We provide information about the best cheap gun safe.

  • The crime rates are increasing at such a high level. It has become very dangerous to travel on a long route or even between your city nowadays, especially for the prominent entrepreneurs and well-known personalities.
  • Apart from this, a typical individual is also not safe nowadays. Therefore it becomes a priority for each individual to keep secure themselves and their belongings. It is because; this is also very tough for the police to give security to each individual of the nation.
  • For this, the government has allowed you to own a gun for your security, but it needs to be more careful after owning a firearm. Now the thing is how to keep it secure from thefts and also from your children.
  • We have a better idea for this task. It is good to install a gun safe in your car to keep it with yourself always while traveling. One can install a gun safe either under the driver’s seat or by drilling any part of their comfort.
  • If you are also thinking of installing a gun safe in your car, then here you will get to know the best ideas along with the proper process for this task. Keep reading the article to get the answer to your question which is about how to install a gun safe in your car. 

How Many Types Of Gun Safes Are Available In The Market?

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Before going to discuss the installation process, you must know the types of gun safes that you can install in your car.

There are three types of gun safes available on the market to fix them in your vehicle to keep your gun secure and always with yourself. The models are listed below.

Console Gun Safe 

As its name reflects, the console gun safe is designed to install in the position of a console. It becomes an effortless task for a driver to pull out their gun from the console gun safe when they feel a need for it.

The driver can easily access their gun with only a single hand and doesn’t need to divert their attention from driving. 

Cabled Gun Safe:

The cabled gun safe also correctly reflects its name. These gun safes come with a cable that can be installed under the seat.  The cabled gun safe is easy to secure as one can attach the rope around the bar and be able to access it easily.

A Mounted Gun Safe:

Mounted gun safes are similar to the cabled gun safe. The difference between both types is the mounted gun safes come with pre-made holes inside the bottom part.

How to install a gun safe by attaching it with a cable?

The main reason behind this article is how to install a gun safe in your car. Now attach the cables with your gun safe before installing them in your vehicles. For this, you will need to buy a cabled or a mounted gun safe.

One can choose any of them as per their requirement as both types are beneficial at their place. We will also discuss the advantages of these types of gun safes; first, let’s discuss the process of installing the cabled or mounted gun safe in your car.


This method is the easiest and most convenient way to keep your best cheap gun safe in your car. One does not need to go through some engineering tasks.

These types of gun safes come already with a cable. In the first step, you just have to locate the accurate location in your car to install it. The desired location for installing a cabled gun safe will be at the bottom side of a seat.

Use Bars To Attach It With Them:

As we said earlier, one does not need any engineering skills. After deciding the accurate location, just place it there and attach the gun safe with the bars that appear in the bottom part of the seat. By connecting your gun safe with bars, you can keep the safe secure.

Advantages Of Attaching A Gun Safe With Cables:

Easy To Move:

The significant advantage of this method is one can move their gun safely from one car to another quickly. They just need to pull the cable out from the bars and install them in another car.

Never Damage Your Car:

The cabled gun safe won’t damage your car anyhow. It is because the method doesn’t need any engineering task i.e., drilling. As we said earlier, you just have to attach it to the bars.

Temporary Method:

The method can be more beneficial if you have to install a gun safe in a rented car. It is because the technique is temporary, as you can take away your gun safe when you left the rented car.

Try this easy and quick method to install a gun safe in your car temporarily:


The cabled gun safes are suitable to install for a temporary purpose. But when it comes to installing a gun safe permanently in your car, then the bolting method is the best option for you.

Can bolt down a gun safe in the particular location of their car to fix it permanently. Before going to discuss the whole process, let’s have a look at the tools which you will have to arrange for this task.

  1. A Utility knife
  2. A Measuring tape/ruler
  3. Pencil 
  4. Take a kit of anchors and bolts
  5. One needs a Socket wrench and level with a drill

The main tools required for this technique are a utility knife, measuring tape, a socket wrench, and a drill.

One can purchase these tools easily from any hardware store, or it is better to borrow them from one of your friends.

It is because you will need these main tools once. The other tools like pencil, anchor kit with bolts, and level are useful to buy.

The process of installing a gun safe through the bolting method is discussed step by step below.

1. Choose location:

In the first step, you have to choose a perfect place to bolt down your gun safe permanently. It can be any location as per your comfort where you can easily access it.

2. Draw lines with a pencil:

After deciding the location, now time to measure the area as per the gun safe dimension. You will have to use a pencil for drawing the lines on the selected site under the perimeter of your gun safe.

3. Cut the area:

Once you have drawn the lines accurately, now you have to cut the carpeted area by using a utility knife. It is because the gun safe will be installed here by bolting. 

4. Check the measurement:

One can check their previous jobs by placing the gun safe back down on the area that you have cut down. One will be able to ensure that holes are at the correct position.

5. Bolt the gun safe  

The final step is to bolt the gun safe through the holes that you have made in your car to install it. You will need a wrench socket to tighten the bolts of your gun safe. Move the wrench socket clockwise until the bolts get proper to tighten.

Now the gun safe is permanently fixed in your car. It is highly recommended to choose a location where you stay for a long time and install it in that vehicle that you are using daily.


Security :

One can increase the safety of their firearm and gun safe as well by using the bolting technique. As it will be a tough task for the thefts to guess where you have placed your gun safe in your car.

Permanent :

It is good to go with a permanent solution when you have your car. The bolting method refers to a permanent solution of installing a gun safe in a car.

Which Is The Best Location To Install A Gun Safe In Your Car?

When it comes to the best location for installing a gun safe in your car, then two areas are highly recommended. One is under the driver’s seat, and the second is to install near the trunk.

If you have hired a driver to drive your car, then under the trunk will be the best option for you to install a gun safe, It is because the area will be far away from the driver, and only you can easily access the gun safe.

On the other hand, if you have to drive your car by yourself, then it is good to attach the gun safe through cables with the bars under the driver’s seat.

Bottom lines!

Having a gun safe in your car is legal, but the firearms need to be licensed. As we said earlier, owning a gun will bring a lot of responsibilities.

You will always have to carry the legal documents always with you when you are carrying your weapon. Make sure the gun is unloaded because your children can misuse it.

Therefore you have to keep your weapon secure from your children as well. Having a gun safe in your car will make this security task easier.

Purchase the best gun safe from the market and get it installed at your secret place in the house.

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